I'm running late, as I do in most things, but here's a Silver Anniversary birthday wish to our pal Craig Shutt, the splendiferous Mr. Silver Age. This also was the first Superman Annual I bought as a small Hoy.

Happy birthday, pal!


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Happy Birthday, Mr. Silver Age! Hope it was fantastic.

All my best wishes, too!

Mr. Age,

How pathetic of me to fail to wish you best wishes for your birthday! Especially since I had already carefully picked out and gift-wrapped three more great comic books to add to your collection. Okay, not the whole comic books, just the front covers. Okay, not the actual front covers, but JPGs of the front covers (courtesy, as always, of the GCD). These three are uniquely, poignantly chosen as they all feature some of your family members, and by "family" I mean the Age family, not that "Shutt" nom de plume you occasionally use to confuse bill-collectors.

Problem is, the good Cap'n's Forum isn't letting me upload images right now, so rather than risk going another day without acknowledging the day Mama Age gave birth to her little boy Silver, I'll just post this sans covers for now, and will add them if and when the Cap'n allows it.

Happy birthday, Mr. Age!

I had trouble uploading images today, Dave, so you're not alone.

Happy artless birthday, Mr. Age!

We were both having trouble accessing the board earlier. But if you can see this: Happy Birthday, Mr. Age!

  Hope you had fun.

Like many of the others, I've had difficulty accessing the site, so here's a belated, but heartfelt wish that you had a happy birthday, Mr. S.A.

Often when problems with logging onto a site happens it's because new hardware added proved to be incompatible with existing hardware. It could also be the result of a site fighting off a wave of spamming attacks. Usually these problems are fixed in a day or two.

Happy belated birthday, Mr. Silver Age!

Thanks, all! I too had problems getting in for the last few days, although I got a notice that Hoy had posted, so HE obviously could get in. I appreciate the good thoughts. I enjoyed my day, and one of my presents was the complete set of the Batman TV show, so I can probably get rid of all my videotapes now!

Hoy, my first superhero comic EVER was Superman Annual #4 (1961), so I have a fond spot in my heart (as opposed to the heartburn I usually have after Taco Tuesday) for those Superman Annuals. What great packages! I still have my original copy of that one, and #4, plucked from the rack by my own young hand, so there's no need to send it to me.

-- MSA

Finally, several days later, the Forum is letting me bestow upon Mr. Age the gifts I had so tantalizingly teased him with earlier. Here you go, Mr. Age -- three comic book covers featuring some of your nearest and dearest relatives! Enjoy!

"...one of my presents was the complete set of the Batman TV show..."

For next year, here is something to go with it.

Happy birthday, Mr. Silver Age!

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