1. How is the Coronavirus situation where you live? What's closed down? Have you gone out much? Are you (Oh, what's the trendy term now " Self-distancing "?) staying inside as a precaution or actually infected or is anyone else you know? I hope, if so, you're well. Let's...well, exchange comments.
  2.   I am now in Portland, Oregon. The Govenor, and then, locally, Portland declared a state of emergency. I saw the comment made that Oregon was the furthest behind on dealing with CV of the 3 West Coast states.
  3.   I went out yesterday ( Sun.), I am ill and had sleep to make up to-day (Mon.) and ended up not going out - I may go out across the street to a all-nite grocery tonite-early Tues. I have not heard of a regular medical appointment Tues. being cancelled.

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Oh, man... good luck to your friend, and I hope for a speedy and full recovery to your wife's friends parents. This is a scary time.

Kathy & I are lucky in that we both work from home. Our face-to-face contact with the outside world is extremely limited -- basically just shopping these days. But I know so many have jobs that don't let them be so isolated.  

We got word today that our friend in the nursing home tested positive for COVID. She's not showing symptoms, and is in isolation.

ClarkKent_DC said:

My wife called an old friend to wish her son a happy birthday, and learned both of the friend's parents have COVID-19.

The mother is isolating at home, but the father is worse off; he's in the hospital, on a ventilator. 

We learned yesterday that the father died. 

He didn't announce it here in the Comics Cave, but longtime Legionnaire and dear friend Mike Parnell posted on Facebook that he and his wife Melody tested positive for COVID-19.

Mike Parnell wrote:

Some of you are aware of this, but Melody and I tested positive for COVID-19 on Monday. It has not been too bad for us in comparison with others. We both are running a fever and have little to no energy.

I say that to make this point: Wear a mask. I would not wish this on anyone, so put the mask on, socially distant yourself from others and help prevent this from continuing on into the future. This stuff is no joke.

"We learned yesterday that the father died."

That's terrible. Condolences on the loss of your friend.

"...longtime Legionnaire and dear friend Mike Parnell..."

Tracy pointed this out to me yesterday. Best wishes to Mike and Melody.

Legionnaire Jason Ball posted this on Facebook today:

Jason Ball wrote:

They pulled my 80-something, no-mask wearing, covid-denying, neighbor out of his house in a body bag this afternoon. Last seen two days ago in his truck, coughing up a lung and puking in a plastic bag.

Wear your fucking masks.

Because of he has "a lot of good innate immunity" from COVID-19 (according to Dr. Anthony Fauci), the State of Maryland exempts Santa Claus, his elves and the reindeer from travel restrictions. See here:


This applies only to "the one true Santa Claus who resides at the North Pole (the 'real Santa')" and "It does not apply to any of his representatives or contractors, including without limitation, Mall Santas."

ClarkKent_DC said:

We got word today that our friend in the nursing home tested positive for COVID. She's not showing symptoms, and is in isolation.

After almost-daily calls that residents or staff at the nursing home tested positive for COVID -- with the residents being isolated and the staff being quarantined, returning to work only after being cleared by the county health department, and the place being deep-cleaned -- we learned today that they are all slated to receive the vaccine by the end of the month. 

In a virtual town hall session on CNN hosted by Sesame Street, Dr. Anthony Fauci tells Elmo and other little kids he personally gave Santa Claus the COVID vaccine.

From USA TODAY'"'He Is Good to Go': Dr. Fauci Tells Kids He Vaccinated Santa on 'Sesame Street' Town Hall"

Tracy had the day off yesterday and we took advantage of that to run several errands together. Something happened at out LCS that I can't get our of my mind. Another guy entered just before us and walked right past the hand sanitizing station. This happens at least once nearly every time I am in the shop. The owner or one of the employees requests that the customer to "Use the hand sanitizer, please!" I don't think most people are expecting to see a hand sanitizer (and/or didn't read the signage on their way in) but always cheerfully comply, no big deal. Until yesterday. This guy refused, saying that he had just used some. He walked about halfway into the store, then he got hot under the collar... I mean really hot under the collar... cussing the owner out, saying, "It's not worth it," and "I'm not going to spend my money here," and stormed out of the store. 

What a dick.

On out way back home, Tracy and I stopped by our favorite pizzaria for some carry out. If call just as we're leaving the comics shop, our order is usually ready by the time we arrive. Tracy went in to pick it up while I waited in the car. Just as we pulled up, one of the employees wheeled out three large boxes (I don't mean pizza boxes, either) on a dolly. We were there right around noon, and I figured our order got in behind that one. While I was waiting, another employee wheeled out another three big boxes on a dolly for delivery. I waited about 15 minutes in all, and just as Tracy was walking out with our pizzas, another employee walked out carrying a single large box for delivery. Tracy confirmed while she was waiting: all of these pizzas were going to places of business for pizza parties. Now there's a COVID-friendly food: pizza!

I exchanged e-mails last week with a former co-worker of mine. When I was still going to work every day, everyone was give the option to work from home. I felt safe enough coming in because only 4% of the workforce was there in person. Now, everyone must work in the office at least one day each week, and the in-person workforce is up to 25% on a given day, averaging one person (including one from my old department) catching COVID per week. Over the holidays, my co-workers have always brought in trays of home-made cookies and other treat to share. I was surprised... no, shocked... to discover this is still going on amidst COVID. Honestly, I'm not sure I would even want to go back to work under those conditions.

My next regularly scheduled doctor appointment is in March, and I'm going to check at that time when I can get jabbed. I am hopeful they will at least be able to tell me when I'll be eligible by then.

Now that there's a vaccine for COVID-19, I hear there's a more virulent strain in the U.K.

Just in time for 2021!

I found out last weekend a fellow customer from my LCS had passed away. It went in right before Thanksgiving with COVD, he suffered two heart attacks in the hospital, and the second one is what killed him. Apparently, before that he was doing good and they were preparing to release him. I mostly knew him from when I worked there. He lived in Argyle, TX, which is over 40 miles away from the shop, and he would drive in about once a month to pick up his comics.

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