Most of you know I've been a journalist, mostly as a copy editor, for many, many moons. I did start out as a reporter for a not-even-semi-metropolitan daily newspaper, but most of my writing for the past several years is what I've posted here in various iterations of the Comics Cave.

Late last year, a dear friend steered me to a freelance job writing about comics. I applied, armed with writing samples culled from what I've posted here and kind guidance from some stalwart members of the Legion. They liked what they saw, but asked for an original sample ... then put me on a trial basis. 

So, I am now writing lists for I'm supposed to do two or three a week, and they're on comics, or comics-related movies, or comics-related TV shows. My latest one is a topic near and dear to my heart: "The 15 Best Comic Book Journalists". An archive of my other lists are here.

Of course, I can trust you guys with my secret identity, being fellow members of the Legion. I'm sure no one has any secret protocols to take me out in case I go rogue .... 

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If you'll forgive me, there's a typo in the green kryptonite item, right at the end. The date should be 1951.

I hadn't heard of the time travel and space travel stories. I'm interested to learn Jerry Siegel was the first writer who had him travel through time. I had assumed it was Bill Finger, in the kryptonite intro. (This solves a minor mystery for me. In one of Siegel's Lars of Mars stories he has Lars fly faster than light and cut through "the fourth and fifth dimensions". When I read it I thought it was like a Superman time travel sequence, and was a bit puzzled as I didn't know he'd had Superman do that.)

I liked your handling of the flight issue, as he looks like he's flying those early stories. I think he flew in the radio show before the cartoons. When we discussed this once before a Legionnaire pointed out a reference to his "hovering" at the start of the second episode. Immediately after he's described as turning and wheeling in curious flight.

I wondered when I read this (never wondered it before) why Jimmy got a signal watch and Lois didn't.

On flying, IIRC the Fleischer cartoons had him fly because he didn't look dignified leaping and/or his leaping was too costly to animate.

Luke Blanchard said:

If you'll forgive me, there's a typo in the green kryptonite item, right at the end. The date should be 1951.

Thanks. I'll pass word to my editor.

My most recent piece for CBR, presented with the caveat that writers don't write their own headlines: "Hot Mamas: 15 Moms In Comics RANKED From WORST To Best"

Enjoy! Share with your friends!

All my stories may be found here:

Another good one!

Thanks. I have to confess that my editor punched up the writing some in this one. 

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