Overall, I thought it was okay.  I felt there were too many glib lines, and while there was some mystery, not enough to keep me truly interested.

A handful of thoughts:

* I dislike Skye and Ward from the get-go.  Too glib, too competent, too attractive, too obvious. Total Riker vibe from Ward.

* Was that a Ron Glass sighting?

* Fitz and Simmons feels a little too pushed too.

* There are 50 gazillion heroes and villains in the 616 universe.  I know Marvel doesn't want to pay any extra royalties, but a few familiar names would have been nice.  Hydra? AIM? Scorpio? The Hellfire Club?

* Has the Super-Soldier Serum become the go-to evil plan?

* No good explanation for Coulson's survival.  I was really expecting to hear LMD.

* I'm just not buying into this yet. At the same time, Whedon's got a rep for pulling rabbit's out of hats, so we'll see.

* Oh yeah, the ending made zero sense to me.  Did the bullet not pierce his skin?  Was it a special bullet to fix his condition?  Really hard to tell.

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Thankfully, absent. Hasselhoff was WAY too tall.

Jeff of Earth-J said:

So where the hell was David Hasselhoff?


The set up was that everyone on the team has secrets from each other and even from themselves. There were some clever bits like Coulson having an aura of calmness around him that seems to protect him in some way.

How Coulson is alive will probably be a major plot. But he was seen in public. He was supposed to have a girlfriend. How will the Avengers react when they find out he's not dead? Will he be in Avengers 2?

What I didn't like was the Skye character. She knows too much and we don't know why. She's abrasive and pushy. She clearly wants to be "in" with the Superheroes. She could be one of Tony Stark's one-night stands. I'm not sure why she suddenly decided to show cleavage when questioning Ward...beyond the obvious one.

But there can be super-heroes on the show that are connected to the Avengers like Hercules, Black Knight, Jack of Hearts, Stingray, Tigra and other second tier characters if they wanted or needed them.

I just watched it tonight. Okay, but no great shakes, and I don't feel like adding it to my roster of weekly must-sees, but I'll peep in from time to time. It's hard to live up to the gold standard, Mission: Impossible. Even the Tom Cruise movies couldn't do it.

Nice seeing Maria Hill, but I could only think that Robin Scherbatsky was moonlighting from her regular gig on CBS. 

I agree that the story of the factory worker was kind of by-the-numbers, and rather weak for a pilot.

Yes, that was a Ron Glass sighting, and he's always a welcome sight. I gather he's the equivalent of Sidney "Gaff" Levine?

As for the mystery of Agent Coulson, I for one would rather not have the answer be that he's an LMD.

UK screaning is Friday I think.
Regarding Coulson - is it established the series takes place after the film?

I haven't seen the show but in one of the trailers someone mentions that Coulson is dead, at which point Coulson appears and "welcomes" him to a higher security level.


Yes, Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. takes place right after Marvel's The Avengers. The pilot episode begins with a narrator stating that the agency was once hidden but became publicly known after The Battle of New York, where the world learned of the existence of heroes -- with fleeting shots of Iron Man in flight, Thor's arm hoisting Mjolnir into the sky, and Captain America's shield -- and monsters, giving us a glance at the Chitauri and The Hulk in mid-bellow. Right after that, we meet a father and son in Los Angeles, and they're looking in a store window at superhero action figures. At the top of a window is a sign about The Battle of New York.

Emerkeith Davyjack said:

...Is there any place online one could legally view the first eppy ???

  I missed it:-( .

It's being rebroadcast on network TV tonight (but honestly, you're not missing much).



I think that may be a tad harsh. Certainly we're all picking apart the pilot for various reasons, but I didn't hate it. I just expected more, and I imagine we'll get more as the series progresses.

Jeff of Earth-J said:

It's being rebroadcast on network TV tonight (but honestly, you're not missing much).



Also, constant reminders that "Tahiti" is a magical place.  I think we'll discover the LMD lab is nicknamed "Tahiti" or T.A.H.I.T.I. for something or another....

Detective 445 said:

IIRC, they did drop some hints that would point towards Coulson being an LMD. Something to the effect of, "He doesn't know?"... "He can never know."

In Columbus, Ohio, the local station waited until "The Most Anticipated New Show of the Fall Season" began, and then broke in with a live announcement that the police station downtown had just been bombed. This cut-in occurred just as the father ran into the alleyway and looked upwards.  We rejoined the show one minute later, as he is pulling his son away by the shoulder, and the opening title credit is scene.



Jeff of Earth-J said:

Emerkeith Davyjack said:

...Is there any place online one could legally view the first eppy ???

  I missed it:-( .

It's being rebroadcast on network TV tonight (but honestly, you're not missing much).



Like most others I thought it was just okay. We've seen this before in Heroes and Alphas and probably one or two I am forgetting. Just that is takes places in the Marvel Universe.

I found Skye instantly unlikable. I liked Coulson in the movies but here he came off as a smarmy.

I'll give it another try or two, but unlike most people I've never been a Whedon fan.

I liked it, it's nice to see marvel shield agents as the good guys. At the very least I know that Coulson would never have She-Hulk strip searched in public. He came through in this much as he came through in the Thor movie, he's the good guy and he knows it but he also knows that government agencies and guys in black SUV's come with bad reputations for a lot of people. He basically did to Sky what he did to Jane Foster and her friends in Thor. I could understand Sky's reaction easily. She deleted herself from all of the databanks -including sheild's- and obviously has an ax to grind. I doubt the US government in the show is as rotten to the core as the US government is in the mu but she might have reason to think differently.
The rest of the cast was there and gone too quickly to get any real read on them. It's a large cast isn't it?

Lot's of fun stuff of course, from Nick Fury's old car to the 'Journey into Mystery' line. I'll be curious to see how much marvel stuff the show uses.

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