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Great Kirby covers, but I don't think Kirby did Batman and Robin on that Detective cover. On the other hand, he had another chance at Batman, Superman and loads of other great DC characters in 1984 and 1985 with two toy related mini-series called Super Powers. Here's a link to the Grand Comics Database listing which shows all the covers.


(By the way, Carmine Infantino did a third series in1986.)
Neil's right, and I shoulda made that more clear. The Batman and Robin figures on that cover are by Jerry Robinson, but Kirby and Simon did the Boy Commandos. I've indicated that now in the alt-text and in the comments.

Thanks for the link, Doc!
While we're at it, some unsettling Kirby slang:

You've got plenty of fans around these parts, Bully!
Doctor Hmmm? said:
While we're at it, some unsettling Kirby slang:

You've got plenty of fans around these parts, Bully!

My favorites are the Ten of a Kind! :)
Picking ten Kirby covers? Isn't that like McDonald's picking their ten favorite individual hamburgers? Out of over 99 billion served?

The only Kirby Batman that I can think of is the Super Powers collection - and for the latter ones, just the first and last issues (well, and most of the covers.) Here's an example...

Jack Kirby weighs in with a graphic interpretation of his answer to The Great Batman vs. Captain America Debate:

...Kinda creepy-lookin' Bats :-- !

There weren't many DC characters that were a good fit for Jack Kirby. However I can see in my mind's eye that Jack would have been a good choice for Aquaman. If you imagine Steve Rogers' head on Aquaman's body it might give you an idea.

Martian Manhunter, the Atom or Doom Patrol would have been interesting too.

You can see Aquaman, Batman, and Martian Manhunter drawn by Kirby in The Jack Kirby Omnibus Vol. 2 Starring the Super Powers. (Quite a mouthful.)

You are correct about Aquaman, Dandy! I'm also partial to his Dr. Fate and Firestorm.

I'll see your Firestorm and I'll raise you Commander Steel The Indestructible Man  :-) (bit unfair, I realise).

How about Tommy Tomorrow? I can imagine Kirby handling him either in his 50s style or his 70s style. I like the idea of the 70s action-oriented Kirby doing the Martian Manhunter. The 50s Kirby would probably have put him into interesting SF adventures (if the editor had let him, as he might have been assigned a writer).

Incidentally, Kirby's cover for OMAC #1 recalls his splash for the second "Flying Fool" story here.

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