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Rob Staeger (Grodd Mod) said:

I read the first issue of the new MAD, and I liked it quite a bit. But it's one of so many comedy outlets that goes after Trump so hard and so often, and I just don't need that. Don't misunderstand me: I can't stand the guy, and he deserves every bit of ridicule he gets, and more. But it's such a rich, crowded lane for comedy that I try to limit my intake of Trump humor to only my favorite voices on the subject (at the moment, Steve Colbert, and occasionally Sam Bee and John Oliver). MAD's jabs at him feel stale and juvenile in comparison -- much like Mike Norton's L'il Donnie comic strips, I just don't get many laughs out of them, just a head-nod. 

I don't blame MAD for this -- political humor is in its DNA. It's just a sign of the times that there's such a glut. The other parts of the magazine I've read have been good -- Cartoonists like Kerry Callen, Bob Fingerman... I think there's a great level of craft in the new MAD. But I'm not the target audience anymore, and I don't want to buy a new thing with Trump's face on the cover every issue.  

Yeah ... I've seen others make that plaint, too. MAD has always been about skewering whoever's in charge, but like you said, there are so many outlets aiming at this guy that MAD got tagged as one more -- which inflamed his supporters and bored everyone else. 

ClarkKent_DC said:

That's not even the half of it. The Time Inc. empire of magazines has been broken up. Meredith Corp., publisher of Better Homes and Gardens, Family Circle and other publications targeted to women, bought Time Inc. in 2018 and quickly moved to offload Time magazine, Golf Magazine, Fortune, and Sports Illustrated to different buyers. It couldn't find a buyer for Money so it killed the print edition in April but kept it alive online; subscribers were given Kiplinger's Personal Finance instead. Separately, Essence magazine was sold in January 2018 to a hair-care products magnate.

And that doesn't even get into what Conde Nast is doing with its magazines, but I don't have time right now to look that up.

Speaking of Sports Illustrated ... "Sports Illustrated Announces Layoffs Amid Company Restructuring"

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