For a while now, I’ve been posting reactions to big “meaty” arcs such as The Eighth Doctor Adventures, Dark Eyes, Doom Coalition and The Collected War Doctor. Some of the stories I plan to listen to in the near future, though, are either one-off adventures or three story arcs. I thought it would be easier on the indexer (Hi, Bob!) if I started one “catch-all” thread and maintain the index in the initial post myself. I invite others to contribute to this discussion as well, and it doesn’t have to be strictly Doctor Who, either; anything from Big Finish will qualify. I’m going to start in a couple of days) with…

The Company of Friends - (Eighth Doctor)
  Benny's Story - p1
  Fitz's Story - p1
  Izzy's Story - p2
  Mary's Story - p2

Robophobia - (Seventh Doctor and Liv Chenka) - p2

The Transposition Trilogy
  The Defectors - (Seventh Doctor and Jo Grant) - p2
  Last of the Cyberman - (Sixth Doctor, Jamie and Zoe) - p2
  The Secret History - (Fifth Doctor, Stephen and Vicki) - p2

Trial of the Valeyard - (Sixth Doctor) - p3

The Wrong Doctors - (Sixth Doctor and Mel) - p3

The Masters Trilogy
  And You Will Obey Me - (Fifth Doctor and old Master) - p3
  Vampire of the Mind - (Sixth Doctor and new Master) - p3
  The Two Masters - (Seventh Doctor and both Masters) - p4

Doctor Who "Bonus Releases"
  Her Final Flight - (Sixth Doctor and Peri) - p4
  Cryptobiosis - (Sixth Doctor and Peri) - p4
  Return of the Daleks - (Seventh Doctor) - p5
  Return to the Web Planet - (Fifth Doctor and Nyssa) - p5

Doctor Who - Novel Adaptations
  Love & War
  Original Sin
  Cold Fusion

Sixth Doctor Reunited with Peri
  The Widow's Assassin - p4
  Masters of Earth
 The Rani Elite

Eighth Doctor and Mary Shelley
  The Silver Turk - p5
  The Witch from the Well
  Army of Death

The Third Doctor Adventures
  Prisoners of the Lake - p5
  The Havoc of the Empires - p5

The Tenth Doctor Adventures (Vol. 2)
  Infamy of the Zaross - p6
  The Sword of the Chevalier
  Cold Vengeance

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My Big Finish pre-orders continue to accumulate. Yesterday I received “The War Master” set. Coming in January will be “The First Doctor Adventures” (v1) and “The Diary of River Song” (v3), followed in February by “Torchwood—Aliens Among Us” (v3) and “Gallifrey: The Time War” (v1) in February. First, though, I’ll be listening to “Shadows of the Night” (the latest collection of Dark Shadows short stories) to get it out of the way.

I have listened to the new theme composed for The Master and I will say this: it’s pretty cool. It is composed of equal parts Doctor Who theme (played in a minor key), Holst’s “Mars—Bringer of War” from The Planets, and some percussive effects from the Master’s 21st century TV appearances. It really is a counter-point to the Doctor’s own theme.

It has been more than four months since my last audio review. That is because I have not been in the proper frame of mind to even listen to them, much less write them up in some sort of semi-coherent form to post. Because I pre-ordered so many of them in order to take advantage of bundle discounts, they have been piling up. Yesterday I started a discussion of “The First Doctor Adventures” on a thread of its own, and today I’ll start “The Tenth Doctor Adventures” (Vol.2) here.

The reason I’m beginning with “The Tenth Doctor Adventures” volume two rather than one is that volume one features Donna Noble and volume two features Rose Tyler. It’s not that I don’t like Donna, but there will always be a soft spot in my heart for Rose.\


INFAMY OF THE ZAROSS (by John Dorney):

“When Jackie Tyler takes an away day to visit her old friend Marge in Norwich, she finds her holiday immediately interrupted in the worst way possible - an alien invasion! The infamous Zaross have come to take over the Earth. Or have they? After Jackie calls in the Doctor and Rose to deal with the menace, it soon becomes clear that this is a very unusual invasion indeed. The Doctor is about to uncover one of the most heinous crimes in the history of the galaxy. And if he can't stop it an awful lot of people are going to die.”

COMMENTARY: The “invasion” is actually an “unscripted drama”… in other words, the intergalactic equivalent of reality TV. “Infamy of the Zaross” is very much a Russell T. Davies era story. It’s 2006 again, and David Tennant, Billie Piper and Camilli Coduri slip effortlessly and seamlessly back into their respective roles as if no time whatsoever has passed since then.

Interesting. I'm not so in love with the Rose Tyler Era as you are, but it sounds as though they did a good job.

Rose is still my favorite companion of the modern era, but my all-time favorite companion is Lucie Miller of The Eighth Doctor Adventures series. Speaking of the Rose Tyler era, Big Finish also does a Ninth Doctor series. I didn't know all that much about it until this morning. The Tenth Doctor Adventures set included a disc which highlighted several of their more recent series. One of them is the new UNIT series, which initially focused on Kate Lethbridge-Stewart's group. After three series, however, they folded the original characters in for the fourth set, so we now get to see (well, "hear") Kate, Oswald, etc. working side-by-side with Jo Grant-Jones and Mike Yates.

Big Finish is currently telling new stories of all Doctors 1-10. I posted yesterday about David Bradley assuming the role of the First Doctor; Frazier Hines does a spot-on imitation of the second Doctor; I wrote above about Tim Treloar voicing the third Doctor. Big Finish has approached Christopher Eccleston about reprising his role on audio, and although he has not yet agreed to do so, he hasn’t ruled it out. In the meantime, Nicholas Briggs is the narrator of the Ninth Doctor series, and he also provides the Ninth Doctor’s voice when called for. I heard samples this morning and his imitation is every bit as good as Hines’.

I never thought I'd say this, but there's more Doctor Who out there than I can absorb.  You know more about the show's EU than I ever will.  I feel like Luke Skywalker looking at Rey, while Yoda tells him that it's a teacher's fate for the student to outgrow them.. ;)

I am humbled.

Right now I’m sitting here trying to figure out in which order to listen to the discs that have been accumulating on my shelf these past months. I’ve already listened to “First Doctor Adventures” and “Tenth Doctor Adventures” (although I have a few more episodes to post). I’ve decided to listen to the rest from least to most anticipated. That would mean Torchwood first, followed by river Song, then the Time War.

Speaking of the Time War, Big Finish was able to complete four sets of “War Doctor” adventures before John hurt passed away. They have recently began a series of Eighth Doctor stories set during the Time War, which obviously occur before the War Doctor ones. But there are two other “Time War” series, one featuring Gallifrey and the other featuring The Master, and I’m not sure where those occur. Are they concurrent with the Eighth Doctor stories or the War Doctor stories? I’ll plan to listen to them in the order they were released, and figure it out from there.

That means I’ll be listening to Eighth Doctor: Time War (OCT 2017) first, followed by The War Master (DEC 2017) and Gallifrey: Time War (FEB 2018… shipped today as a matter of fact). Beyond that, the next three Eighth Doctor Time War sets are scheduled for release July 2018, July 2019 and July 2020. In the meantime, the first set of Ravenous (the follow-up to Doom Coalition) will come out in April.

I am both anxious and eager to see Jodie Whittaker assay the role, but for the foreseeable future, the Time War is where it’s at for me.

“You know more about the show's EU than I ever will.”

That’s not true. I know more about the Big finish audios I’ll grant you, but that’s it. You know the original series backwards and forwards (and the new one, too). I just know it forwards.

But speaking of the shows EU, I finished listening to The Tenth Doctor Adventures’ extras disc last night and found out about another aspect of the audios I didn’t know about. In 2003, Big Finish introduced an alternate version of the Third Doctor, one who hadn’t been forced to regenerate, one who wasn’t exiled to Earth, one who never served with UNIT. His adventures take place in an alternate universe. In the latest Bernie Summerfield boxed set, she has been trapped in this dimension and is now having adventures with the alternate Third Doctor.

Talk about “more than I can absorb”! I’m beginning to think I’ll never catch up on all the series I’m interested in, plus all the Doctors I’m less interested in, plus all these other series as well. There are still six Eighth Doctor & Charley stories I haven’t heard, not to mention six Sixth Doctor and Charley stories, not to mention two series of Charley solo stories (“The Adventures of an Edwardian Adventuress”). I’ll be as old as the Doctor by the time I get caught up with everything I want to.

See, I think of the "EU" as anything outside of the TV series - audios, comics, novels and so on.

I would still defer to you... on everything except the audios.

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