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Take a look at that top photo. Spider-Man is joining the Justice League?

Also, I'd be more excited about the Terrifics if they weren't changing Plastic Man's classic outfit -- part of his appeal, given the sight gags -- to force his round peg into a square hole. (Nothing about what appeals to me about Plastic Man says, "member of a superhero team.") It's a shame.

Finally, can anyone ID who's in The Unexpected? I'm guessing Glowing Hands Guy is Faust, but I'm not sure. Can't ID the rest.


I was curious as well, so I poked around on the internet and found an article at from October 8 by Jason Cohen, “Steve Orlando Reveals Details of New DC Series, The Unexpected.” The next paragraph is from that article.

Several members of the team are connected to DC Comics superheroes, with new characters taking on familiar names. Neon the Unknown is a blind artist, and Firebrand was a first responder during Metal, who now must get into a fight every 24 hours. Viking Judge, a continuation of Viking Prince, is a being who is connected to her ax and lives through her descendants. Orlando described her as “Brienne of Tarth [from Game of Thrones] inside the head of someone from Girls.” His new character Ascendant is the ruler of the world from a species of orc. He will introduce a new race to the DC Universe that has been called “the Jane Goodall of humans.”

So it would seem that Glowing Hands Guy is Neon the Unknown since his eyes are covered (“blind”). The woman in green with the ax is Viking Judge (I’ll let someone else address the helmet with horns thing), the blue guy is Ascendant, and the other woman must be Firebrand. That’s my guess. I don’t think I’ll be picking it up, but the Challengers does look like a possibility. Hope that helps.

Thanks, Dave!

Neon the Unknown is a name from the past -- a Quality Comics character that had a brief run in the Golden Age and an even briefer run in one of Roy Thomas' World War II books. I don't remember much about him. He's a former Foreign Legionnaire who got his powers from a magic oasis, and I'm not sure what those powers were. He could fly, and had rays-from-his-hands power of some sort, and maybe more. Not really sure why they named him for a noble gas, and I'm pretty sure he wasn't blind.

Captain Comics said:

Take a look at that top photo. Spider-Man is joining the Justice League?

I guess he is Sideways. "With that much power comes great liability" Har, har.

Out of the bunch, the ones I'm most excited for are The Terrifics and The New Challengers. I'll probably like The Immortal Men too -- James Tynion has been hitting all the right notes with me lately. I might give one or two of the other books a try -- I don't have a lot of interest in Damage, so The Silencer might wind up being the first book I pick up.

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