For me so far:

Amazing Spider-Man: No.  There's some interesting ideas in here, but not enough to spare some of my limited budgets of comics money/reading time.

Guardians of the Galaxy:  Yes. Just interesting enough to give them a chance.    
The New Avengers: Yes. So far, they seem to be treating Squirrel Girl well.        
Spider-Gwen: Yes. So far, they've maintained the quality from the previous book.      
The Uncanny Avengers:  Maybe. It's mildly interesting, but I really don't like Deadpool.      
How about you?

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All-New, All-Different Avengers #1 - Yeah, it's Mark Waid, and it wasn't a bad opening.

All New Hawkeye #1 - On the fence on this one. I've enjoyed the previous series', but the opening for this one left me just a little cold. I think I want to move beyond the weird children and look at something else. The jumping around in time bugs me too.

I got all seven of today's #1s, and will report back when I've read them.

Next week is Black Knight #1, Mighty Thor #1, Ms. Marvel #1 and Spider-Woman #1.

Illuminati -No (yuck)

All New Wolverine -No. Another one that I think just isn't aimed at me.

The Ultimates -Yes! One of my favorites so far. Although I think this would make a lot more sense if Secret Wars had concluded.

All New Hawkeye - No. I like Lemire but this didn't grab me.

All New All Different Avengers -Maybe. I wasn't that impressed but will probably check out the second issue because of Waid.
These were my new Marvel Number Ones for today (I'm tradewaiting Ms. Marvel)  Both were OK, but probably not going to get a regular spot on my list.
The Mighty Thor #1
Spider-Woman #1

This week:

BLACK KNIGHT #1 (due to a fondness for the character)

MIGHTY THOR #1 (still not on board 100% but we'll see. And where is Man-Thor?)

SPIDER-WOMAN #1 (an extremely pregnant super-hero? And there's no controversy?)

The only one I picked up this week was Black Knight. I liked it enough to get the next issue. Apparently he is in Weirdworld now so there might be some potential there.

Jeff of Earth-J said:

Amazing Spider-Man: No.

I have my eye set to try four others but they haven't been released yet.

After I posted that I spent the following two weekends out of town and am only just now getting caught up. I've posted the reasoning behind my decisions to discussions dedicated to those #1s, but here's the tally as of today...

Hercules: Yes

All-New, All-Different Avengers: Yes (probationally)

Vision: Yes (surprisingly)

Hmmm... It occurs to me I should have said, "I have my eye set to try six others."

Three more have yet to be released.

There are actually five Number Ones this week (six if you count Star Wars: Vader Down #1, which I don't). Interestingly, women outnumber the men 3-2: Black Knight, Ms. Marvel, Mighty Thor, Spider-Woman, Star-Lord.

It'll probably be a while until I read them, since I haven't finished LAST week's!

I just looked at the "New Comics for Nov 25" list Tim just posted.

I should have said, "I have my eye set to try seven others. Four more have yet to be released."


It's not over yet! December has a bunch of #1s, too. There are even a few in January. I haven't looked at February yet.

All-new Avengers- definite yes
All-new Wolverine- tentative yes
The Ultimates- leaning no, just didn't connect to the characters

Picked up Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #1.Seems fairly promising so far.


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