Did you just pick up a new title at the comic shop and want to let people know about it? Here's a thread to tout your new faves.

I picked up two new #1s this week. 

The first, Fairlady, was a book I'd been looking forward to for a while. Written by Brian Schirmer, with art by Claaudia Balboni and Marissa Louise, each issue is a done-in-one mystery set in a fantasy world. The creative team pitches it as "Magnum PI, set after the War of the Rings." It's an accomplished first issue, with Jenner Faulds being  a "Fairlady" -- a private investigator in this postwar fantasy world. I'm looking forward to more. Published by Image. You can read a preview of the first issue here.

The second book, Orphan Age, was one I'd never heard of before it caught my eye in the comics shop. Published by Aftershock, it's written by Ted Anderson, with appealing art from Nuno Plati. It's set 20 years after a mysterious event instantly killed all of the adults on the planet -- the result is a world that the kids made up for themselves out of what remained of the old world. I expected this to be like "Y the Last Man, but with kids," but the 20-year time jump makes it more like The Walking Dead without zombies. Small communities, new customs coming from the old ways, and some communities are more aggressive than others. I'm really looking forward to seeing where this goes. There are some preview pages here.

Anyone else read these? What did you think? And what indy debuts have you picked up that might be flying under our radar?


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Last week,the owner of my LCS put a copy of Far Sector in my P&H because Green Lantern is on my list and... I put it back on the shelf. the was a little placard limiting issue #1 to one copy per customer, and when I put mine back there were none left.

Well, crap.

So much for being a discerning reader on the lookout for new things.

This week saw the second issue of Basket Full of Heads, and I liked it almost as much as the first one. (It would have been every bit as much, except I don't see how she could pull that axe through the broken glass of its case without breaking more glass -- not at the speed that scene was moving. A VERY minor nitpick, believe me!) Plus: Finally, a beheading! And we learn something interesting about one of the antagonists! I'll let people find out what for themselves.

Also, the second issue came out of a book I liked the first issue of: Money Shot, written by Tim Seeley and Rebekah Beattie, and drawn by Sara Isaacs. I haven't read the second issue yet, but the first issue establishes the premise really well: A team of would-be astronauts is confronting a world too indifferent to space travel to raise the funds for it -- so they decide to Kickstart a project where they go out into space and have sex with alien life forms. Becuase while people aren't paying for science, there's ALWAYS people who will pay for porn -- especially porn that they can't get anywhere else. The first issue is smart, funny, sex-positive, and well drawn. If the premise sounds intriguing, you might want to give it a try. (It's definitely not for everyone, though!)

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