OK, just read issue #0.  It involves the current iteration of Nova, who is apparently a kid named Sam Alexander, whose father was an old drunk who claimed to have been an intergalactic space hero, and who eventually disappeared. In time, the son discovers that the old man had been an intergalactic space hero and ends up becoming the new Nova himself. I'm not familiar with this version of the character, so I can't say how long he's been around. I remember reading the original Nova nearly forty years ago - I don't have any great memories of him except that he was drawn by Carmine Infantino for awhile.


Anyway, our Sam fights a robot version of Tomazooma and meets the Avengers and asks them about the Watcher and finds out that while they know the Watcher watches, they don't know why. So, he goes to the Moon and gives the Watcher a rock and Utau Atua Utapau Uatu shows him his home movies of how his Dad (Uatu's, I mean, not Sam's) was the one who had the bright idea of giving the Prosilicans nuclear energy and we all know how that worked out.  Is this new?  I don't remember it being U Thant Utrecht Uatu's old man who did that. Anyway, Sam asks Uatu just how much he watches and Uatu blows his mind by showing him scenes from old issues of What If.  Anyway, Sam realizes that what Uatu is really hoping to see is a world where his dad wasn't wrong. Sam commiserates and says that he wishes his father wasn't a screw-up, too, then asks Uatu what happened to his (Sam's, not Uatu's) dad, and after a slight pause, Uatu tells Sam that his dad is still alive. (Say, isn't that sort of "interfering", Uatu, old son?).  Sam goes off happy and Uatu puts the rock on a shelf. 


A mildly interesting story, and the art is nice enough.


Say, the Watcher apparently has an armory - he's really loaded for bear - where he keeps the Ultimate Nullifier. How'd he end up with it? I thought Galactus took that back after Reed made him promise to leave Earth after threatening to blow his head off with it.


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"Meat night" is a direct quote from the comic.

Figserello said:




Yeah, you know, the giant turtle that used to attack Tokyo all the time.

Richard Willis said:

Mark S. Ogilvie said:

Well lets face it there is no one in the mu who could actually conduct an investigation like say Batman could, except maybe Howard the Duck.

Now you're talking! I'd actually consider buying it if Howard was the lead investigator.

Yeah, DC is lousy with detectives -- there's Batman, Robin, Batgirl, Jim Gordon, Harvey Bullock, Renee Montoya, Maggie Sawyer and the rest of the Gotham Central crew, the Martian Manhunter, the Elongated Man, Plastic Man, Jim Corrigan, The Question, even Roy Raymond, TV Detective, Detective Chimp and the Angel and the Ape.

Plus, there's Superman, who, in his guise as Clark Kent, is a Pullet Surprise-winning reporter, which means he knows how to investigate, ask questions and gather information. I know two former journalists who are now private detectives. So if we count Clark Kent, we should include Lois Lane and Iris Allen, and maybe Perry White (and maybe maybe Jimmy Olsen ... maybe). 

But in the Marvel Universe, who do we have? Captain America was once a police officer, but he was a uniformed patrol officer. Frank Castle was once retooled from being a Vietnam veteran to an NYPD officer, but I don't know if he was a detective and I don't think that retcon stuck, anyway. Plus, he'd just kill his way through an investigation, like The Shadow would.

The closest I can think of are Matt Murdock and Jennifer Walters -- they are lawyers, whose work relies heavily on research ... but then, I'm not so sure Jennifer was ever that big on doing her own research.

Peter Parker manages to regularly track down and produce evidence of the doings of New York's mysterious and elusive crime-fighter, Spider--man.  Not to be sniffed at!

I thought that's what you meant.

The Baron said:

Figserello said:




Yeah, you know, the giant turtle that used to attack Tokyo all the time.

Marvel is filled with scientists who can handle the forensic side of a case but for actual detective work? Daredevil is a living lie detector and SHIELD does investigate weird events. But "real" detectives are relatively new characters like Hannibal King, Dakota North and Jessica Jones.

There are characters who are supposed to be detectives like Spider-Woman, Tigra, Bishop and Shang Chi.

Wolverine can track criminals but I doubt that he has the patience to deduce crimes.

Figserello said:

I thought that's what you meant.

The Baron said:

Figserello said:




Yeah, you know, the giant turtle that used to attack Tokyo all the time.



Or, that woman that used to be Adam Warlock's girlfriend or something, but is now apparently affiliated with the new Guardians of the Galaxy.

Galaxy, shmalaxy.  Gamera's the Guardian of the UNIVERSE!


In a way this could be a classic detective story, if you had a detective that is. One of the hallmarks was always the non-professional investigating and finding where the regular police failed. Only in this case there are no regular police. There is no Lestrard to play foil to any Holmes since Holmes isn't there.

I'm just going to pick up the promo for the series & nothing else.

I can confirm the existence of the OS promotional, the glow-in-the-dark eyeball. I did stop off earlier today (Sat eventing) at Jim Hanley's Universe & scored said item. Only one this time, but I will see if I can get another at my FLCS.

The object in question is as the FIRST TWO pictures in the Original Sin entry show; a golf-ball sized rubber ball with an eye printing on it, and the 'Original Sin' log on the back. However, it does NOT glow as brightly as the third picture shows, even after leaving said GitD ball untl a UV lamp for a full minute to charge it iup.

Still, it is an interesting novelty.

Intrigued by the concept of “meat night,” I bought issue #1 yesterday. I was curious to see if it could possibly be as stupid as it sounds. It was. I really don’t like the implications, but I accept the fact that there’s a risk of something being written by a younger guiy with the intention of being hip being read by an older guy and perceived as utterly ridiculous. I think it would have been funnier if Natasha (or Natalia, or whatever the Black Widow is calling herself these days) had referred to hunting “moose and squirrel” instead of “bear.” Also in this same scene, Captain America, speaking on the phone to Thor, says something along the lines of (I don’t have the comic in front of me), “Slow down, Thor, you’re going to fast,” giving me the impression that the Thunder God has lost his cool and is having a hissy fit on the other end of the line.

Having said all that, I do think this is an otherwise well-written, well-paced story so far.

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