Every week, one item or another in my pull and hold stands out for me above the rest in one way or another. Sometimes it’s a periodical, sometimes a graphic novel, sometimes a collection. Does that happen to you? If so, let’s hear about it here. It can be an item you’ve long anticipated or something you bought on a whim. If it’s something you were really looking forward to but ended up being a big disappointment, let’s hear about that here, too. I’ve been meaning to start this topic for a long time now, but chose today to post about something I’ve been waiting for a long time, long before it was even solicited.


This is a favorite run of mine, but I’ve read it only twice: once as it was released, and I re-read it once after that. It came out as an “ESSENTIAL” a few years ago, but for this I held out for color.

EDIT: Most weeks I make my picks before I have read them, but feel free to choose either the books you anticipate most before you read or enjoy the most after you have read them.

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Me too! Although I'm also really excited for Far Sector #2.

This was a terrific week for new comics! I bought three times as many as usual. (Next week will be light). My pick goes to Doomsday Clock #12 (although Ihaven't read it yet.)

I knew in advance this was going to be a slow week (I bought only two new comics), but my pick goes to Incoming #1 *which I have not read yet).

Strange Adventures #1
I have to think anyone who enjoyed King and Gerad's Mister Miracle will want to pick this up. And as a bonus it's got Doc Shaner. Already in one issue we've got the most interesting Adam Strange ever, and plenty of socially relevant content. Really looking forward to reading the rest of this.

It's been a while since I named a "pick of the week," but this week I absolutely agree with 'Tec.

Strange Adventures will be for 2020 what Mister Miracle was for 2019.

SO good!

Seconded. This is one of the best superhero comics of the year. And it's a done-in-one. Go buy it!

We've fallen out of the habit since the shutdown, but my pick for this week is...

(Quite impressive when this week also featured a new one-shot by Terry Moore.)

(I know I'm breaking my own rule by picking two, but it's been eight months.)

One of the few times I'm caught up and can participate.

My pick based on the cover alone...


The vengeance-dealing Dragonfly sticks it to the man! The acrobatic sleuth Dragonflyman assists the police! These alternate-earth versions of the same masked crimefighter meet face-to-face for the first time in this new series by the original creators of the smash-hit The Wrong Earth! Will their impossible encounter result in a team-up... or an all-out war? Every AHOY title also features extra bonus prose stories, beautifully illustrated.


I haven't done one of these in a while, but I pick this one, not for myself, but for anyone who hasn't read Avengers #69-70 or #85-86, although obviously, this is designed to cash in on the upcoming Heroes Reborn series. Speaking of which, my first thought about that series is why Marvel would want to bring to mind such an awful failed experiment. Then it occurred to me: the creators of this series were probably fans during the first "Heroes Reborn" era and might consider it to be the highlight of their childhood. I don't know about that, but this issues presents some issues that were the highlight of my childhood. 

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