I was watching the Savage/Warrior "retirement" match on disk last night, and it came to the ending where Elizabeth threw Sherri out of the ring, and the thought came to me, "Both of these women are dead now, it's depressing."

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[sarcasm] I hope that everyone's bought their tickets and booked their flights to Australia -- THE HULKSTER'S COMING BACK! [/sarcasm]


Hmm. I had no idea that the attendance at Wrestlemania III was over 96,000.

By the way, why aren't they advertising Flair? They've purportedly just signed him to a three-year deal, and considering all the has-beens and no-names they're listing on the site, surely the Nature Boy deserves a mention.
I think I'll pass on that one. From what I've heard, Hogan can barely even walk anymore.
The Iron Sheik tweeted back at me today!
PowerBook Pete said:
The Iron Sheik tweeted back at me today!

There's not one part of that sentence I can take seriously. ;)
the_ironsheik @powerbook_pete Jerry Lawler clean man, no gimmick, make good money and have lots of girls

Doctor Hmmm? said:
PowerBook Pete said:
The Iron Sheik tweeted back at me today!

There's not one part of that sentence I can take seriously. ;)
I go through period were I will watch a lot of wrestling for a couple of months and then bail for a year or so. One thin I notice happening a lot in matches that. a) Didn't happen as often or b) happened but I just didn't notice, and that is were two wrestlers both go for a clothesline at the same time and knocks the crap out of both of them. Is this new or am I just imagining it is?
Maybe it didn't happen as often, but I remember it from some time back.
Mark S. Ogilvie said:
It's not an easy life or a long one for a pro wrestler. I marvel that the Undertaker keeps going.


From what I've heard, he wrestles a somewhat lighter schedule these days. That said, I've also heard that his injuries are starting to catch up with him, and the general consensus seems to be that he'll retire as an active wrestler within the next year or so.
Austin would probably still be in the business if he hadn't destroyed his knees already. Jericho seems to still be enjoying it.
The Nature Boy's life continues to unravel.

by Mike Johnson @ 5:41 PM on 9/29/2009

If you ever wanted to old a true piece of professional wrestling history, you may be in luck as it looks like the true ultimate prize is going to be auctioned off to the highest bidder.

The National Wrestling Alliance World championship belt, which had been in Ric Flair's possession since Jim Crockett Promotions introduced the "big gold belt" in the mid-1980s, will be auctioned off by Highspots via Ebay this Monday. This is the belt that was originally worn by Jack Brisco, Dusty Rhodes and Harley Race, among others, which was chronicled in the excellent "Ten Pounds of Gold" book that was released this past summer.

The decision to auction off the belt is apparently the latest maneuver in an ongoing issue between Highspots and Flair over money owed going back many months. The word that has been making the rounds, as previously noted ont he site, is that Highspots loaned Flair a sum that has yet to be paid back. Sources indicate that Flair's side claimed the debt was paid off via appearances Flair made for Highspots.

Sources indicate another part of the ongoing issues may be over Highspots' decision to release DVDs featuring Flair from last August's NWA Legends convention (a Flair/Harley Race Q&A Session and the 2009 Hall of Heroes induction ceremony where Flair inducted Blackjack Mulligan) as Flair's side has apparently claimed Highspots didn't have the rights to release the DVDs. Highspots previously worked with Flair on several shoot interview DVD releases and booked him for a number of appearances on independent events in the last year.

It should be noted that Flair has yet to also pay off money advanced to him by Ring of Honor from the time period he was working as the "ROH Ambassador" on the ROH on HDNet Television series, so this is not the only case of issues between Flair and a former business partner regarding money coming to light.

The auction for the belt (unless other forces intervene) will begin on Monday. For more information, email Highspots@aol.com.
Ric is now featured on scratch off lottery tickets in North Carolina. He must really have huge money problems, which is sad. Ric is a person who would never have to pay for meal in any town in North Carolina.
From everything I've heard about Flair - including his own admission - he lived the "Four Horsemen" lifestyle for real, for many years, and that was not a lifestyle guaranteed to ensure financial security.

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