Oh , the irony . Let's continue something that was discussed at the MSA Old Home , namely , remaining print comic fanzines - And , for diversity , pro/semi-pro/" pro-zine " comics publications as well .

  CBG remains in business . The Comics Journal has now announced that they will come out annually , with " a 600-page plus " issue .

  I am Facebook friends with Jon B. Cooke but I haven't yet checked to see if his Comic Book Artist has managed to continue recently , post-its Old Home...

  Toomorrows , which indeed has itself a little nook/corner , with The Jack Kirby Collectore , Alter Ego , and Back Issue .

  Now , including the " fan " side too...........

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Getting back to the topic of the best of the remaining fanzines/magazines, might as well slip in a plug for the best of the best, supposedly coming out next month, featuring articles by Mr. Age, me and a whole bunch of other fine folks. HOGAN''S ALLEY # 19. Ask for it by name (the magazine's name, that is, not your name. That would just confuse the hired help).

There actually is a wide range of e-fanzines available online to read, some of which are print fanzines that are uploaded as PDFs. For instance, I get Fadeaway, about SF, old-time radio, comics, and other topics, and he uploads it after he mails it.

You can check out the ones available at http://efanzines.com/ The most recent issue of Fadeaway (#37, added Sept. 30) isn't very typical, as it's mostly one long article (on Marx Bros. movies), but earlier ones might be of interest.

-- MSA

...I have recently bought a 2010 Chronicle Books release , " FANZINES The DIY Revolution " , by Teal Triggs .
It is a history/picture-reproductions book dedicated to fanzines in general (Especially the " post-punk "/" Poat-1976 " , as a chapter sub-heading in the book , more or less , anyway , says .) kind sort of " mae famous " by the film " REALITY BITES " , I do believe...Lisa Loeb , wherefore art thou ? Ah hah ha ha haah ha :-) .) .
Comics-oriented fanzines are not its main focus but they ARE covered...

...At that Barnes & Noble I mentioned B4 , I saw a new-to-me comics magazine titled , I THINK(??) , COMICS HEROES , which came out of the UK (BTW , excellent though ALTER EGO - and other Toomorrows efforts - and HOGAN'S ALLEY are not quite " full-D professional " in distribution/" economic " status - In a sense , they're good partly of their in-depth coverage that is not really what a " fully professional " magazine can do - AE and HA are " upscalefanzines " - " slickzines " ? - perhaps . )...anyway , COMICS HEROES , if that's its title , is a really large-paged - The old weekly LIFE magazine ? A tabloid daily newspaper ? - effort - which costs $19.99 in the U.S.A. !!!!!!!!!!!

  Cameron's austerity must REALLY be strengthening John Bul's pound (not euro !!!!!!!!!) ~ Either that or Jubilee/new Royal heir euphoria - I didn't , at that time , look at it in depth , maybe another time.........

It's tough to call HA and AE fanzines when you can find them on the newsstand, as I did today (and noted in the Catch Mr. Silver Age thread). I'm not sure where the dividing line is. Especially now that AE is full color throughout, it's fairly slick albeit pricey. Charlton Spotlight is an upscale fanzine, but I think HA and AE are on the other side of the line.

I've seen that Comics Heroes before, and it mostly is a fan magazine for the movies, so I don't know that it really counts as a magazine about comics. Although they do have some comics coverage and even carry strips, from what little i've seen of it--as a British pub, it offers all those little prizes and stuff polybagged with it, so it's hard to get an idea of what it's like

They just revamped it so it's now 164 pages, but I think it's only quarterly. And,at $20 a pop, I don't know how well it sells here. Buy one next time you see it and let us know.

-- MSA

...Okay , I had 2 previous attempted posts not go up .

  The CH I saw had comic-book characters (DC's Holy Trinity , IIRC .) on the cover , presented in a CB style ~ and no " 25 ______ MUST Be Won ! " blurbs , or mini-gyro'chutes , so I su[ppose they could be said to have , at least , Mid-Atlantic-ized their original Britness .

  Gonna pay back the dosh I spend on it , 'Guv ?????????

  I saw an issue - #4?? - of that BLEEDING COOL comic book-sized print mag I mentioned (Didn't I mention Geppi's attempt to bring back Comic Book Marketplace in that format ???) and saw an ad for ~ #10?? ~ , promising a 2014 preview and a spotlight on all-ages titles , so...

The one I saw was all about Thor, promoting all stuff about the movie, etc. The only image on the cover was a big Thor. It may take the approach Wizard did of promoting movies on the cover and having more comics stuff inside. I don't know how well that works, since i can read about those comics movies every place I turn.

Polybagging it doesn't give us a chance to see what's inside, and reading a thick, British magazine about comics I know/care about doesn't seem like a good bet, especially when the ante is $20.

And no, of course I'm not covering your expenses, ED. If I was doing that, I'd buy it myself! You're doing it because you keep bringing them up but don't let us know what they're about. It's time to act! Inquiring minds want to know.

-- MSA

...I think it's time for YOU to act , I am coming up with info , I can't be expected to do EVERYTHING ~ And , yepper , class-warfare time , you likely have more do$h than I .

  Oi oi oi .

But you're not telling us anything we don't know, beyond the fact that you've seen these magazines, while we haven't. So you seem in the best position to buy one and tell us if it's any good. Maybe a Kickstarter program would get you some dosh to go on this mission--which YOU keep bringing up!

-- MSA

...Um , I think you suggested " the mission " . I replied .

  Anyhows ~ Mebbe .

...Whatever I said above about it , I bought a November?? 2013-dated BLEEDING COOL , $1.99 , bagged with a SHADOWMAN 1/2 issue . Alright .

They point out that the mag's editorial material is not available on the Web !!!!!!!!!!!

Alan Sissom's fanzine THE IMAGINATION LINK was revived recently.  Issue #48 came out in November 2013, and contained a prose short story by Alan, a 6-page comic strip, an article about the history of the Collectors Club Newsletter (which Alan has also recently revived), and a one-page article about a panel in Avengers #4 (March 1964).

I continue to publish Ditkomania (the most recent issue, #91, came out in June, but #92 will be out this month) and the UFO (United Fanzine Organization) newsletter Tetragrammaton Fragments (#231 came out last month).

While Mike Ambrose's CHARLTON SPOTLIGHT came out with a new issue (#8) recently, another fanzine devoted to Charlton Comics is also coming out.  Fester Faceplant's THE CHARLTON ARROW is scheduled to release its first issue later this month.  See https://www.facebook.com/groups/thecharltonarrow for more info.

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