The second season of Riverdale begins Oct. 11.

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I'm really enjoying the show this season. "The Black Hood" is trying* to kill people he sees as sinners and "The Red Circle" is opposing him. The new character, gang member Sweet Pea, makes me think that they named him after someone or something from the Archie canon but I can't find anything.

* I say "trying" because so far he's only succeeded in killing one of his victims.

My wife and I enjoy watching it.  She likes it more than I do, so I bite my tongue with what I find to be the the deeply flawed parts.  My theory on the Black Hood is that it's the Serpent that is friends with Jughead's dad, F.P.  I also think he won't actually kill anyone, as I think it will turn out to be Grundy's ex that killed her.

Is it my imagination or is actor Mark Conseulos (Hiram Lodge) almost always seated?  Is he short in real life?  In any event I don't find him very intimidating, as he is meant to be, and I find Veronica and her mother's battle for his attention a little disturbing.

My wife and I are enjoying it too -- it's the frothiest of soap, but fun for embracing what it is with such abandon.

My wife and I have also commented on the weird Lodge vibe, John. The Blossoms still win the Creepiest Family award, but the Lodges are putting up some numbers. I also don't find Hiram very intimidating, but I confess I'm always thrown every time he shows up and his hair isn't white. I can't shake the comics image when I hear the name "Hiram Lodge."

Did anybody recognize the comic book Archie was looking at? It sure looked like a Rich Buckler cover from the '80s, with "The Red Circle" superimposed. (There was no comic with that title.) It was probably an issue of MIghty Heroes, or it might just something they cobbled together for the show. F.P. was shown reading a comic book in jail, but I never got a good look at the cover.

Often when a show with an uncertain future, it runs out of good material after the first season, because they throw their best stuff in right at the start to enhance chances of a second season. But Riverdale has actually not missed a step with its second season.

I like your theories, John. But if someone else killed Grundy, how did her glasses get in the packet sent to the Coopers with Fred Andrews' wallet? (There was other stuff in there, too, which I figure was from Midge or Moose.)

Speaking of Midge and Moose -- what th? She's his beard? Does she know that?

Great fun!

Yeah, the Blossoms are the creepiest for sure. Cheryl is wound way too tight for various reasons, only some of which have been hinted at for the viewers. The way she talked about her brother Jason .. ugh, just ugh. As I said, the Lodges are a bit off too, but Veronica is a decent person, especially in contrast to her scheming Mommy and Daddy Dearest. Btw, Veronica is one of my favorites on the show; a lot of her negative qualities from the comics are either not present or they are who she used to be. She's a true and loyal friend to Betty, a great girlfriend to Archie, heck, she's even nice to Jughead. She's not snobby or spoiled here.
Not sure about the Red Circle comic or the other one, I just assumed they were mock-ups.
I don't trust that package dropped off at the Cooper's house at all. I think it's a red herring.
This was Midge's debut. I don't think she knows she's Moose's beard. It's been suggested Moose is a closeted bi-sexual; Midge may know and may be okay with that.

More thoughts - 

- if Pop Tate was going to close down the Chocklit Shoppe, what was so dastardly about the Lodges buying it and letting Pop stay on as the manager?

- I mentioned how in this series that Veronica is a decent, nice person.  What do people think of Dilton being sooo creepy and Chuck Clayton being a jackass?  I think it's a waste of Dilton if they aren't going to do anything with him beyond being creepy.  Chuck is probably closer to what a star high school athlete who is also the coach's son would be like in real life, arrogant, entitled, and conceited.

- Reggie is probably the closest to being like his character in the comics, but he is mostly sidelined as a minor character here.  That may be for the best; this show has a ton of characters.

I'm loving this. I can't believe it--a teen high-school drama that has me wrapped around its finger. I have hated 90210 and all of its various off-shoots and copycats for 25+ years. As a rule, I hate teenagers. It's a well-known fact. I think human beings are at their absolute worst when they are teenagers.

But this is awesome.

I think that as they go along they will give characters like Reggie and Dilton more to do.

I hadn't noticed until this conversation how small a role both of them have played so far, especially Reggie. I actually think they could do more with Moose, Midge, and Ethel as well.

Richard Willis said:

I think that as they go along they will give characters like Reggie and Dilton more to do.

Another Easter egg:

Archie offers a fake I.D. when buying supplies. The name on it is Wilbur Wilkin, who was the star of the first version of Laugh.

I noticed that, too, and pointed it out to my wife. She was unimpressed.

Another thing: When Archie wanted some "jingle-jangle" lat episode, he went to Reggie. I thought, "Of course Reggie is a drug dealer."

I've given Riverdale another try, but I don't think I'll be weighing in that much; I don't want to be a buzzkill.

I like the idea of a show based on Archie, and I like (most of) the cast -- I agree that the characterization of Veronica is a winner. But to my mind, there's a difference between showing characters in a different light, which I'm (mostly) okay with, and giving us different characters with the same names. (Miss Grundy, for example, was actually a different character with the same name.)

Can I appreciate Riverdale in spite of that? I don't know.

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