On another thread, my pal Dave Blanchard wrote:

>Although I've been around here for a good long while, I'm one of those who were "imported" into this Forum following the implosion of Mr. Age's old CBGxtra Forum.

Personally, the threads I read more often and participate in the most are the relatively short ones that play off somebody's observation about a single character or story or some kind of recurring theme, especially the kind of thread that anybody can just pop in and do a drive-by quick comment or add another image playing off previously posted images. Kind of in the spirit of Mr. Age's own fondly remembered CBG column, where he'd focus on some quirky thing he stumbled upon in an old Silver Age comic book, and we'd all chime in with our own take on said quirkiness.

So short and quirky would be the types of posts I'd be most likely to read/comment on, if that's any help./p>

I echo what Dave says. Long, highly descriptive threads don't fit my time schedule, and I, too, miss the old CBGXtra forum.

So, in that spirit, here's an image to invite short and quirky responses.

Your pal, Hoy (I haven't used that signature in a while!)

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How about Bunny?

or these groovy gals?

Okay, this has nothing to do with girl bands and may not even be Silver Age. It's got to be from one of Stan Lee's and Stan Goldberg's dumb blonde comics from the 1950s. It made me laugh inappropriately.


Little known fact: Lois could play a pretty mean piano. The reason why it's so little known is because she only did it when Pat Boone was around.

And on guitar...

Wow, so much...stuff since I last checked in.

Hoy's dumb blonde panel is from MY FRIEND IRMA by Stan Lee and Dan DeCarlo, as any fool can see.

Mr. Silver Age devoted an entire column to the wonder that was Bunny in CBG #1676. So if you all want to pull out your copies, you can answer Dave's no-doubt rhetorical question. Mr. Silver Age was known for reading comics so you didn't have to.

Likewise, I'm sure I've written about "The Revolt of the Girl Legionnaires" in Adventure Comics #326, because that Forte image of the gals dancing is hard to NOT want to write about so I could run the panel. In fact, though, that earlier image is just the splash for the chapter that shows the actual, full-out boogalooing they did when they'd completed their scheme. No question about it: Girls are evil!

-- MSA

Ronald Morgan said:

If it's a Silver Age band then a go-go dancer would fit right in.

I love this cover.  I've never read even one issue of Modelling with Millie, but something about this cover just grabs me.  To me, this is Gwen Stacy's British cousin Millicent ("Millie" to her chums), her friends the Parker triplets, Paul, Phil, and Perry, and on drums, their best mate Nigel Octavious.

Obviously Josie and the Pussycats don't count because they're already musicians, and we're trying not to include the real thing here (a rule which I obviously skirted earlier with Silver from the Maniaks). So I'm trying to resist the temptation to include professionals in our group. I would think Little Dot would count, though, right?

Trust me, Dave, I know the temptation to find your favorite character holding some musical instrument to offer up as a candidate for the band.

But I do think we need to have some standards beyond simply not already being a professional, like the Maniaks, Archies, Pussycats and Scooter. and holding an instrument (if we can count bagpipes as such).

Otherwise, who knows what will be showing up?

-- MSA

Linda Ronstadt probably isn't Silver Age, but most of her backup band is. 

I like that Dr. Strange isn't really picking the guitar. By the crafty chords of Clapton!

-- MSA

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