It's supposed to start after midnight here...maybe a couple of inches. Huzzah! It's cocoa and Sky Captain night at the Beechler-Simpson home!

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As I type these words, outside my window it is snowing... big, wet, sloppy flakes, falling like slow-motion rain. The last time 1 inch or more of snow fell at DFW was March 5, 2015 when 1 inch fell. the day before, 2.5 inches occurred. Since those two days in 2015, DFW has had a whopping four-tenths of an inch of snow. that is considered a snow drought. I used to like snow, before I had to drive in it. Since moving to Texas, I haven't really missed it... or so I thought. One day about 15 years ago I was back in St. Louis and witnessed it really coming down (not like this pathetic little bit that, so far, hasn't even stuck). It made me feel nostalgic, the way some folks feel about Christmas. I suspect "white" (as in snow) and "Christmas" go hand-in-hand... at least they do for me.

In the Fall of 2019 my wife and I moved from Michigan to southern Ohio. Typical snowfall in the Detroit area was 36" - 48" per winter, in the Cincinnati area it is 11" per winter. After years of driving in snow storms and navigating nearly impassable roadways, I do not miss the snow one tiny bit.

Although it's been snowing steadily since I posted, it still hasn't covered the gress comnpletely, and is not sticking t the roads at all. The temperature is just above freezing. The snow is supposed to turn to rain by two o'clock (another hour or so).

The snow Jeff is getting now is supposed to reach our area around midnight, but it may swing south and not hit us until 9am, which means the kids at school, or those who are at school, will be greatly distracted.

I see the snow, but no accumulation in my part of Dallas. If I wasn't already working from home, this would make me sad.

Haven't seen any snow in my neck of the woods since the first of the year but since early November, every day barely gets into the mid to upper 30s with each night back into the 20s or lower.


It's snowing north and south of us, but we're getting nothing.

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