Very early in John Romita, Sr.'s run on Amazing Spider-Man, circa issue #42, Petey buys himself a motorbike, which is first shaded blue.   Within a few issued, he decides to paint it red.  Of course, the chicks dig it, and his popularity soars for the first time in the series.

The question is, just how long did this fascination with Pete's motorbike last?

This is, from what issue to what issue did the motorbike appear, or can we assume that he has possession of it?  Even if not featured or pictured in a story, if it shows up in issues #45 & 48, we can assume that he had it in 46 and 47.

So, was it ever established what  manufacture or brand this bike was?  Honda?  Kawasaki? Yamaha?

What size bike was it?   125cc?   360cc?  Certainly it couldn't have been more than a 750cc.

We see this bike not only in ASM but also in Spider-Man: Blue including the decision to buy it, heavily influenced by "the gang" passing by.  So, when is the LAST appearance of the motorbike?


(And to what extent was it replaced by the Spider-mobile?)

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Yeah, I think I got them all... except my rationale in not buying that one was probably that I began reading Spidey at that point, but didn't buy regularly.... plus, I knew the b&w Essential was going to pick-up with #43-68...and that was "close-enough" for the time.


I just lost out on an Ebay bidding war to fill that hole.  Grrrrrrr....

I'll get it...someday...

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