As various news outlets have reported,  there have been unfortunate developments in 95-year old Stan Lee's life lately. 

  To start with undisputed facts,  Stan has been fighting a persistent case of pneumonia, and has dropped out of public sight.  He has also reported to the Beverly Hills Police that at least two massive unauthorized withdrawals - of a seven figure amount - were made - stolen - from his account. 

  Recently, his long-time caretaker/manager, Max Anderson, was fired by his daughter.  There are now " s/he said " interpretations of the situation coming from different camps damning or defending Anderson...and,  taking this into " not for the kiddies "/PG-13 territory, claims of " inappropriate behavior " both by and against Stan involving female nursing personnel.  I have drawn from and Bleeding Cool as well as a lengthy article in the English tabloid the Daily Mail in assembling this. TMZ and Fox News apparently put their fingers in this pie as well,  but I havn't checked them out. 

  Stan apparently remains incommunicado at this point. Sadly, one remembers Casey Kasem and Mickey Rooney's final months:-€... 

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Better to act now than to grieve later.

And anyone can make a complaint or start the process of investigating these matters.

ClarkKent_DC said:

Is it right for a corporation to insert itself into a family matter? I see lots of downside.

Here's a thumbsucker from The Hollywood Reporter:  "Stan Lee Needs a Hero: Elder Abuse Claims and a Battle Over the Ag...

...Stan has last been seen reading a statement on a video copyrighted to one of the people he complained  about before threatening to " sue the ads off "of any press that writes about the situation.  I was out to mind if the Puppet Master:-€-sob.

I've changed my mind after reading the Hollywood Reporter article Clark linked to.  Stan's daughter J.C. appears to be a terrible, loathsome person.  68 years old this month and has never had a real job.  Runs up between $20-40 K, sometimes more, monthly, on credit cards.  Allegedly physically assaulted both parents a few years back over a sports car.  Numerous screaming matches with and guilt trips on Stan for years.  And now instead of protecting her father against the parasites, appears to be the common thread, letting them in.  I have little doubt she will be a pauper not long after Stan departs from this mortal coil.

John Dunbar said:

I've read a few articles now and I don't know what to make of his daughter. 

I wish there was an easy way to get all the scammers and scumbags away from him and let him live his remaining days in peace.

A new development: Stan Lee is suing ex-manager Jerardo Olivarez on allegations of “conversion, fraud, financial abuse of an elder and misappropriation of his name and likeness.” Here's a summary here, at Vulture: "Stan Lee Sues Ex-Business Manager for Financial Abuse, Fraud and S....

It's mostly a rewrite of this piece from The Hollywood Reporter"Stan Lee Sues Ex-Business Manager for Fraud"

Note this from the Vulture piece:

But if you thought tricking a grief-stricken old man into giving money to a phony charity was the most ”diabolical and ghoulish” allegation in the lawsuit, you are sadly mistaken. That prize goes to the accusation that Olivarez allegedly had a nurse draw “many containers” of Lee’s blood, which was then sold “in Las Vegas as a collectible” for “thousands of dollars” without Lee’s consent. All of which is to say, if you’re in Vegas this weekend and you see Marvel Comics legend (and millionaire) Stan Lee’s actual blood for sale, please, think twice before you buy it, as it is a pretty clear sign something has gone terribly wrong.


Recent developments in this soap opera have had men showing up at the door of Stan's Beverly Hills manse demanding money they were " owed "...followef by them pulling out guns and the BH police being called!!!!!!!!! Sheesh.

John Oliver did a segment about the abuses of guardianship on Last Week Tonight June 3.

Glad to see some official interest. Evidently none of the people around him can be trusted to protect him.

There was a piece on this on yesterday's TV news, so it's getting increasing attention.

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