As various news outlets have reported,  there have been unfortunate developments in 95-year old Stan Lee's life lately. 

  To start with undisputed facts,  Stan has been fighting a persistent case of pneumonia, and has dropped out of public sight.  He has also reported to the Beverly Hills Police that at least two massive unauthorized withdrawals - of a seven figure amount - were made - stolen - from his account. 

  Recently, his long-time caretaker/manager, Max Anderson, was fired by his daughter.  There are now " s/he said " interpretations of the situation coming from different camps damning or defending Anderson...and,  taking this into " not for the kiddies "/PG-13 territory, claims of " inappropriate behavior " both by and against Stan involving female nursing personnel.  I have drawn from and Bleeding Cool as well as a lengthy article in the English tabloid the Daily Mail in assembling this. TMZ and Fox News apparently put their fingers in this pie as well,  but I havn't checked them out. 

  Stan apparently remains incommunicado at this point. Sadly, one remembers Casey Kasem and Mickey Rooney's final months:-€... 

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...To-day - perhaps it is a trifle perverse/glum/Edward Gorey-esqu1e for me to revive this thread to put this in, but hey, K pea rice thread conservation - As do we all!!!!! ' and it mentions Lee family members, hey ' But. in the wake of the Disney/Sony split over Spider-Man movie rights...J. C. Lee has chimed in on Sony's side, first seen by me in an NBC report quoting a post at TMZ...........The NBC post and J.C.'s original words refer to Stan's " creations " while TMZ's words use " co-creations ", it must be said!!!!!!!!!!!

Emerkeith, thanks for bringing this up.

Here's the TMZ internet article:

...Taking this further into shining commentary. TMZ commenters are accusing J.C. not just of bring overly fond of spending her father's money, but in and out of jail. in rehab right now. and physically abusing Stan! Stay classy.
...The Daily picked up the story - again, with " creator ", not , " co- ", I believe...and Stan as " behind the Marvel collection "!!

You know, I'd sure like to see Spidey stay with Marvel Films, but Sony is a business and Spider-Man is their biggest property. They're not about to hand him/it over. Maybe something will materialize down the road, but I'm not counting on it and I'll accept what comes.

Although I suspect I will lose interest in a Spider-Man who can't hang around with the Avengers, whom I've loved since their inception, and does hang around with Venom, whom I've loathed since his inception. I've yet to see Sony's Venom and probably won't, and if the next Spidey movie is Spider-Man/Venom: BFF, I probably won't see that either, Tom Holland or not.

All that being said, I don't think J.C. Lee has any business commenting on how anyone else treated her father, and shouldn't be taken seriously in any context. 

And to think I posted this April of last year. (Bob set me straight, though.)

Jeff of Earth-J said:

Lee has a daughter. What's her role in all this? Why isn't she looking out for his best interests?

Stan's pied-a-Terre/vacation home in San Francisco, at the Four Seasons on Market Street, is up for sale. I was around that building a very great deal in my years in San Francisco, though I was never inside it. Had I but known...

  The piece refers to him having bought the condo/apartment dome years back, when Joan was alive and " when he came up to SF to throw out a ball at a Giants game and open the first Comic-Con ". What " first Comic-Con " would that have been?

If I had to guess, the Comic-Con mentioned would be Wondercon which originally was at the Moscone Convention Center. One year they weren't able to hold it there because of convention center construction so they "temporarily" moved Wondercon to Anaheim Convention Center between Disneyland and the Angels baseball stadium. It's still there.

...Thank you, Richard, but I'm thinking that there must have been standard comics-cons in San Francisco's history prior to Wondercon, too. I think Wondercon is owned by the corporate San Diego people (They bought it), who also own the phrase " Comic-Con " commercially, IIRC, so that could be it. (When I lived in SF there was a running indie-alternative comic con franchise, APE (not sure if acronym translation, also owned then by San Diego??, I went to if once.

  I went to Wondercon pretty regularly when it was in SF. I was told that not enough hotel room tickets being sold for it when it was at Miscone was, at East, one reason for the pulling up stakes! I lived, mostly or always, within walking distance and didn't get room so I guess I'm. at least partly, to blame!!!

APE, the Alternative Press Expo, is no longer affiliated with Comic-Con International. It moved from San Francisco to San Jose in 2015. It hasn't happened since 2017.

...Thank you! My, these riding San Francisco resale estate prices...It's all Twitter's fault! And Uber.

Emerkeith Davyjack said:

I think Wondercon is owned by the corporate San Diego people (They bought it), who also own the phrase " Comic-Con " commercially, IIRC, so that could be it.

When I read this sentence the other day, I didn't say anything because I wasn't sure. The term "Comic-Con" is also used by the New York Comic-Con. Years ago I recall that one Con (I think Chicago) was trying to trademark the term. Pretty sure they lost in court as the term was in general use.

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