Okay, here's a thread for a discussion all Batman comic books.

If you have anything to say about current Batman comics, old Batman comics, or any OGNs or TPBs, let your voice be heard here! Naturally, you're going to get some spoilers, so be aware!

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Honestly, I ran a search and didn't see anything like this before.

I started this today because I listened in on a podcast today called Fat Man on Batman, a podcast hosted by Keven Smith. It is incredible. I listened in to the two-part podcast where Smith interviews Jeph Loeb. When I got home, I immediately pulled out my Batman: Haunted Knight, Batman: The Long Halloween, and Batman: Dark Victory TPBs. This is a fascinating interview that made me immediately take back every criticism I've ever levied toward Loeb in the past.

I started in on the Grant Morrison two-parter also, but only got a little bit into it before I stopped driving today. I look forward to finishing this, and then continuing listening to the episodes until the horrible day when I get caught up and have to wait from week to week.

Grant Morrison being interviewed by Kevin Smith on his Batman work?  Rilly?


Uh, yeah. And the production quality is incredible. I've only heard the first quarter of the entire interview, and it his of the highest possible recording quality, and Morrison is quite candid. Do it.

Then listen to Jeph Loeb. Just prepare to fall in love with his writing.

I'll give Loeb this:  When he's with Sale, he can't fail!

Even with Sale, Loeb started losing me around Spider-man: Blue.

Long Halloween and Dark Victory were great though. I'd put Long Halloween on my short list of favorite Batman stories.

Have you read their Challengers of the Unknown? I have owned that one for a couple years now, but still haven't gotten around to reading it.

I read it when it came out -- liked it a lot at the time. 

I got the trade as well, and from what I recall I did like that. Plus, Batman appeared in an issue so we are still on point. ;)

Wandering Sensei: Emeritus said:

Have you read their Challengers of the Unknown? I have owned that one for a couple years now, but still haven't gotten around to reading it.

Darn tootin'.

Jeph Loeb said in his interview on Fat Man on Batman that he was drawn to Tim Sale's artwork because he was good at drawing ugly faces. It was their first pairing, which led to Sale getting to draw James Robinson's three parter on Legends of the Dark Knight (which, jeez, I loved). That led to Loeb and Sale on the Legends of the Dark Knight Halloween Special, plus two more volumes of that. Then they got to do The Long Halloween and Dark Victory.

I am also a huge fan of a few stories he did with Alan Grant--a three-parter that was in Shadow of the Bat which featured two new characters that I'm pretty sure we never saw again: Nimrod the Hunter (he had tech that could make him invisible) who was in town to hunt down Chancer, who had the "power" of being extremely lucky. Batman and Robin got involved when Chancer was recruited for a heist by Killer Moth, Calendar Man, and Catman.

Then in a Showcase two-parter, Grant and Sale did a story about a baseball game played between the Arkham inmates and those of Blackgate Prison. Not as good as the Shadow of the Bat story, though.

Travis Herrick (Modular Mod) said:

I got the trade as well, and from what I recall I did like that. Plus, Batman appeared in an issue so we are still on point. ;)

Honestly, the thing I remember the most in that Challs story is that there's a one-panel cameo by Reid Fleming, World's Toughest Milkman.

Okay, here's my Batman-related reading list before the end of the summer:

  • Finish up Batman: Odyssey.
  • Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again.
  • Batman/Judge Dredd Deluxe Edition.
  • All-Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder.
  • Batman Gotham After Midnight.
  • Batman Noir: Eduardo Risso Deluxe Edition.
  • Last but not least: Batman: The Cult.

Let me know if anyone has a preference for which one I read first for potential discussion.

I read the first half of Batman/Grendel yesterday. This was the two-issue prestige arc that was the Hunter Rose story. Loved how this, being written by Matt Wagner (creator of Grendel), pretty much just felt like a Grendel comic that featured Batman. The storytelling in this was awesome. It was a strong reminder of the kind of writer/artist that Matt Wagner really is.

It also showed me something that my subconscious already knew--Wagner was way ahead of his time. The kind of storytelling that a J.H. Williams will use today has already been done by Matt Wagner to some extent--often better, in my opinion. For instance, the page is often drawn into quarters, with parallel scenes in each one playing out somehow connected to one or more of the other corners of the page.

Grendel was the perfect person to star in a crossover with Batman. It really brought out the thriller/horror element of Batman, but instead of monsters, it was psychological terror taking place here.

If you've never read any Matt Wagner Batman (or any Matt Wagner), this would be an awesome place to start. Since reading this (and I still haven't read the second story!), I've gone ahead and pulled Batman and the Mad Monk, Batman and the Monster Men, and Batman: Faces off my shelf to reread.

Highly recommended!

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