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If you're stuck in 1997 like me, the new Third Eye Blind cd came out today. It's available for download on Amazon.com for $3.99.

If you're a fan of the band, this is not a bad album. It's more than worth $3.99.

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I got very offended at the people who had the nerve to SUE Meat Loaf for what they perceived as "lost profits", when, what happened WASN'T his fault, wasn't anything he could have done anything about, and, when BAT OUT OF HELL was simply one of the BEST-SELLING ALBUMS OF ALL TIME.  What the F*** were these greedy A**H***s complaining about? But it's the same thing with big record labels who DROP longtime artists who, over many, many years, have made the labels FILTHY STINKING RICH beyond anyone's imagination-- but they DROP the artists the moment they perceive them as no longer making them that level of money.  INGRATES. No sense of personal loyalty whatsoever.

Unbridled GREED is destroying the entire world at the very moment.

Incidentally, the only album Meat Loaf's done over the years that I actually consider to be AS GOOD as BAT OUT OF HELL was probably one of his worst-selling-- BLIND BEFORE I STOP.  It was his last studio album of the 80's, I don't thing it was even released in America except as a hard-to-find import. I found it on an expensive CD around 1991 (2 years before his "comeback"), and it blew my mind.  It is really that damned good from beginning to end, and not a bad song on it. He was making fantastic music, and playing to sold-out crowds all over Europe... but in the US, they woudln't even play his songs on the radio (except from the '77 album).

Radio in the US really sucks, it has for a long time now, and it's ALL the fault of the greedy, controlling B******s who are running the music industry-- INTO THE GROUND.

I did a "special edition" of NEIGHBORHOOD.  I snipped off the 3 songs I didn't like, and added "I'd Do Anything For Love" as a bonus track-- at the BEGINNING of the disc!!!

That's cool.  I've done the same thing with other albums.  It's pretty common for me to make a shorter copy of an album- 6 or 8 songs instead of the full 12.  And once in a while I'll grab a track from another source and put it on there too- maybe a single, or something available on a soundtrack instead of an album.  I usually add them at the end but the beginning works too.  

It was rare for me to slap a "bonus track" at the beginning... but that song had to come first, and there wasn't anything else on BACK INTO HELL I liked that much.  So it was like turning 2 so-so albums into 1 GREAT album.

I also like to do special editions where I'll add non-album "B" sides as bonuses, sometimes, slipped in between other songs where they sound "right".  I did this with Asia's ALPHA album, which had 2 songs that only appeared as "B"s. (The vinyl pressings for the 45s, unfortunately, was SO BAD, even after I tried cleaning them up for surface noise, one of them had terrible "WWOWW" distortion because the hole wasn't exactly in the center. Somebody finally sent me a CD with actual CD versions of those 2 songs, which appeared, decades later, on a compilation album.

Of course, usually I just add on non-album 45s.  I did this with PAPPY'S CORN SQUEEZIN' by the all-girl rock band Sit 'N' Spin, where I tacked on 10 bonus tracks to the 13 album tracks.  I even sent a copy to lead singer Heidi Leib, who had SOLD me one of the 45s directly when I couldn't find any online stores selling it. She thanked me, saying her turntable was in storage and hadn't been able to play the songs for many years until I sent them to her on CD.  (The only down side was, I put that disc together before I figured out how to clean up vinyl surface noise. One of these days I gotta go back, "fix" the tracks, then mail her another copy.)   : D

Ringo Starr has a new album due out next week, Paul McCartney the week after that, and Bruce Springsteen in March.

I'll definitely be getting the new Springsteen.  I'm also looking forward to the new Leonard Cohen out next week. 

Out this week is Chimes of Freedom: The Songs of Bob Dylan. It is a four disc set of Dylan covers with proceeds (who knows how much) to go to Amnesty International. I haven't got it yet, but I probably will at some point. It's only 20 bucks on Amazon.

That sounds good.

My "C" Albums:

Carnival Vol. 2, Wyclef Jean

Carry On, Chris Cornell

The Cars Greatest Hits, The Cars

The Caution Horses, Cowboy Junkies (cassette)

Changesbowie, David Bowie

Chemical City, Sam Roberts

The Chess Blues-Rock Songbook (two disc set)

Chicago: Music from the Motion Picture

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

Classic Queen

Closing Time, Tom Waits

Cocktail Hour (various artists from the '50s)

Cole Porter

Collector's Series, Louis Prima

Come On Come On, Mary Chapin Carpenter

Come On Over, Shania Twain

Communique, Dire Straits

The Complete Miles Davis

The Complete Tom Jones

Contact from the Underworld of Redboy, Robbie Robertson

Cover You: A Tribute to the Rolling Stones

Cracker, Cracker

Cradlesong, Rob Thomas

Crucify, Tori Amos (EP)

Cry Cry Cry, Dar Williams

Crystal Bowersox (American Idol singles)

Wow.  That's an eclectic blend, even for me.  The list opens with rap, hard rock and new wave (Wyclef Jean, Chris Cornell and The Cars).  There are a couple of movie soundtracks.  There's a string of lounge music and show tunes (Cole Porter, Cocktail Hour, Louis Prima) followed by modern country.  There are even the B-sides to singles and iTunes downloads (Tori Amos and Crystal Bowersox).  Yup, there's a little bit of everything. 

Album with the best memories: Cole Porter- I took this album on our honeymoon.  Say no more. 

Most embarrassing album: Cover You- it may be a tribute to the Rolling Stones but it came out in the middle of the '70s and features some of the worst artists of the era.  Linda Ronstadt?  Really?  There are only two tracks that are really worth listening to: Steve Earle's cover of Dead Flowers and Little Richard's version of Brown Sugar.  Even then, I like the idea of the Little Richard cover better than the actual version.

Most played: By iTunes, it's Cradlesong by Rob Thomas, though Tom Waits' Closing Time is a close second.  That's mostly because Cradlesong is a recent album I bought after I started using iTunes on my home computer.  If I think about the times that I played the actual CD, the answer is either Louis Prima or Tom Jones.   

Chris, is that the Cars Greatest Hits without "Moving in stereo"? The one I got didn't have it which ticked me off at the time.

And what's wrong with Linda Ronstadt?

Chris, is that the Cars Greatest Hits without "Moving in stereo"? The one I got didn't have it which ticked me off at the time.

No "Moving in Stereo."

Very neat I thought. Blogger Donovan Strain determines which day was a "good day" for Ice Cube's "Good Day"

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