I know there's at least one other fan of anime on this board, and perhaps more, so I thought I'd do a review of some of the anime I've watched. I'm hoping others will do the same.

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It's been a long time since I watched Cowboy Bebop. I should do that again.

Lee Houston, Junior said:

I haven't heard of any of the anime listed so far either, but for what it's worth, Cartoon Network's Adult Swim on Saturday nights has not only recently started another encore of Cowboy Bebop and Outlaw Star, but is also showing a new batch of Lupin The Third too among its anime offerings.

I've never seen Ghost in the Shell, but I think it was from a time before a lot of anime started using CGI. Apparently a lot depends on the budget for the series, which is one of the reasons that many anime movies look so much better.

Richard Willis said:

Combining DVD rentals and streaming, I have begun watching the original Ghost in the Shell. In the ones I've watched so far, the level of detail in the artwork is up the the high standards set in the 1940s before cost-cutting was predominate. Some of it looks like it was influenced by Will Eisner. II

I've read the Ghost in the Shell manga, don't know that I've seen the anime.

There's a fair amount of famous anime I've never seen for various reasons ranging from lack of interest to i've just never had the time.

Title: Sabagebu!

Episodes: 12 episodes

Category:  Comedy/Slice of life


Plot: Transfer student Momoka is tricked into joining the school's Survival Game Club (essentially running around shooting at each other with Airsoft guns).  Hilarity ensues.


What's good: Each episode is broken up into several mini-episodes focused on various situations, from gun battles to weight loss to gun battles to winning arcade games to gun battles to gun battles--did I mention gun battles?


The gun battles are a highlight of the show, as even though it's mostly harmless BBs, we see the results as if they were using live ammunition. In fact, we're reminded over and over again that the action depicted on the screen is in the girls' minds and not really happening. A lot of madcap fun to be had there.


The star of the show is Momoka, however. She initially comes across as sweet and innocent, but you quickly discover that she is anything but. She's petty, vengeful, manipulative, and tends to fend only for herself. In many ways that makes her an absolute breath of fresh air.


Many of the other characters are fun too, from club leader Miou, insane stalker-masochist Urara, cosplaying genius Kayo and sexy part-time gravure model Maya. There are some other characters as well that tend to be more hit-and-miss.


The tone is pretty madcap, as everything is played for laughs. It's quite silly, and if you like that sort of thing, you'll enjoy this show.


What doesn't work: Some of the supporting characters are blatant Japanese stereotypes that sometimes work and sometimes don't. For instance, the character Fried Chicken Lemon is an overweight otaku with a massive crush on Momoka, and sometimes it works and sometimes it's annoying.  


Fanservice Level: It's played for laughs, but there's a pretty high level. Not ecchi level per se, but it;s definitely there and in your face.


Final Thoughts: The main thing I felt about Sabagebu! is that it's funny. It's silly and over the top, but I was laughing more often than not, and I think it's a worthwhile watch.


My rating: 8/10


Interesting. Another one I hadn't heard of.

I think it's right up your alley.

The Baron said:

Interesting. Another one I hadn't heard of.

Title: Puni Puni Poemy

Episodes: 2 episodes

Category:  Magical Girl/Parody


Plot: Poemy is orphaned and taken in by the Aasu sisters, all of whom happen to be magical girls. Poemy eventually discovers her own powers.  Hilarity ensues.


What's good: Did you like Excel Saga? Most specifically, did you like the final episode of Excel Saga that was extraordinarily tasteless and got banned in Japan? If so, it's possible you'll like this show.

Puni Puni Poemy was made by the same director as Excel Saga, and some of the secondary characters from that anime cross over, including the director.

This is a parody of magical girl anime's like Sailor Moon, and in that it works reasonably well. The whole thing is extremely energetic, and much of the dialogue is delivered at a mile a minute pace.

The humor comes from the over the top antics and the parody elements. For me, I felt it mostly worked, but I could easily see someone being very irritated by this show. It has a style of humor that will either work for you or not work for you.


What doesn't work: As I said, the humor here is very taste-specific. Some people might find it hilarious, but many people will also find it annoying.


Additionally,. there are elements that can get uncomfortable, particularly in terms of fanservice and the age of the girls. If that's something that's a major turn off for you, avoid this show.  


Fanservice Level: Very high. It's done for laughs, but it's a high level and some if it may be uncomfortable.  


Final Thoughts: Throughout this review, I've been trying to hammer home that this is an extremely taste-specific anime. If you liked Excel Saga, particularly the last episode, you may enjoy this. If you didn't, avoid this. If you don't know what Excel Saga is, you will want to check it out before watching this anime.


My rating: 7/10


Yeah, Poemy is an old favorite, but it's definitely not for everyone.

Title: Scrapped Princess

Episodes: 24 episodes

Category:  Fantasy


Plot: Before she was born, Pacifica Cassul was prophesied to bring the destruction of the world on her 16th birthday. She was ordered to be killed, but was rescued and raised with two adopted siblings. However, now that she nears her 16th birthday, forces are out looking to find and destroy her before she ends the world.


What's good: This is a well-made anime. The characters, the setting, the plot, pretty much everything works.


There’s a lot going on here, and I’m glad that the anime takes 24 episodes, as if it had been shorter the character exploration and the world building wouldn’t have had the development time needed.


Speaking of world building, there’s a lot here.  The show seems to be set sometime in the middle ages, but everything isn’t what it seems. There’s also an underlying theme of the importance of free will for humanity.


What doesn't work: There are occasions when you see someone—most notably Pacifica—do something and you want to slap her and remind her that she’s a fugitive. She tends to be far too trusting of people, and sometimes that’s to her detriment.


The ending was reasonably decent, but it did seem to give short shrift in terms of the fates of certain characters.


Fanservice Level: Low, but it’s there. I wouldn’t say it’s particularly blatant, but it’s definitely there.  


Final Thoughts: This is definitely worth checking out; in fact, it’s one of the better anime’s I’ve watched recently.  


My rating: 9/10


Interesting. Another one I've never heard of.

Here's a brief list of awell known anime that I've never watched and have no intention of watching:

Pretty much anything featuring giant mechas. - Somehow, I find giant mechas to be even more suspension stretching than magic and superpowers.
Death Note
Attack on Titan



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