This is an odd bit of Kirby- one that I remembered reading and enjoying back in the day, so when it was recently released and collected, I picked it up. Let's see what I can find to say about this.


I'll note that it's inked by Mike Royer, since I know that some of you folks like to compare Kirby inkers.


Devil Dinosaur #1 (April 1978): "Devil Dinosaur and Moon-Boy"

1)I'll cop to not being as much of a Kirby fan as some folks around here. Don't get me wrong - I admire him as a unique talent, I'm just not someone who feels a need to collect and read all of his stuff. I tend to like his quirkier stuff more than the cosmic stuff like the Eternals or the New Gods. I would say that Kirby's strength lies in the depiction of stuff that couldn't possibly have existed. He makes you believe in the impossible better than just about anyone.


2)Devil is a fun character design - what kid didn't want a pet rex at one point in their lives?  Moon-Boy is kind of a necessary evil to me - since your lead character can't speak, he has to have a spokesman. It does tend to mean that Moon-Boy has to jabber incessantly. Perhaps Devil keeps him around as an emergency food supply, like Menchi in Excel Saga.


3)I like that Kirby feels it necessary to point out that he's translating Moon-Boy's dialogue.


4)We get DD's origin - he was orphaned when his mom was killed by the Killer-Folk (Which, to be fair, is the sort of thing that you would expect people called "the  Killer-Folk" to do!) and rescued by Moon-Boy, who became his running buddy.


5)Heh, "DD".  Be funny if he traded places with Marvel's other "DD". "Daredevil and Moon-Boy" might have its moments, but "Devil Dinosaur and Karen Page" would be hi-larious!


6)Seven-Scars becomes leader of the Killer-Folk by bopping Stone-hand over the head. So, politics hasn't changed much.


7)Cliffhanger: Seven-Scars starts a fire, hoping to lure Devil into pit filled with ...pointed sticks!


8)Text piece: Kirby sez, Yeah, I've got dinosaurs and ape-men together, so what? Just read it!


Overall: An amusing first issue.

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Thanks. I read a couple of the Kirbyverse issues years ago and remember thinking how much better Kirby's few pages were than the rest of the comics. It was very jarring seeing the style suddenly change back and forth without warning.

I think it's way past time a complete collection of everything he drew was made available, at least everything not by Marvel or DC (who should make their own complete collections of the comics he made for them.) I'd really like to own The Complete Jack Kirby.

There is a Simon & Kirby Library, published by Titan books, which is close to what you want. For example, the "Superheroes" volume includes the entire run of Stuntman and the "Horror" volume includes the entirety of Simon & Kirby's contributions to Black Magic. It's not a comprehensive collection of Kirby's non-Marvel, non-DC work, but it sure has a lot of it.

There are also two Simon & Kirby romance collections by Fantagraphics, and the complete run of The Strange World of Your Dreams has been collected.

Thanks. I'll have to look for them. Have their romance comics been reprinted?
Why am I getting code when I click reply? Before I say anything it asks if I want to edit my comment.

I'm sure there are S&K romance reprints in the various books reprinting romance comics, and there are the two Fantagraphics books which are entirely S&K romance stories. Here's the Amazon link:

You're probably wanting something more comprehensive, but I don't know of anything like that.

As to your technical issues, all I can suggest is using a different browser. You might check the "important notifications" forum to see if anyone else has had the same problem.

Hey, any tech gurus out there have any suggestions for Ron?

Ron M. said:

Thanks. I'll have to look for them. Have their romance comics been reprinted?
Why am I getting code when I click reply? Before I say anything it asks if I want to edit my comment.

It seems to be working now. A temporary glitch? All I know about computers is how to turn them on and off.

Didn't Simon and Kirby make the first romance comic?

Yeah, S&K are credited with creating the romance-comics genre. In 1947, I think.

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