The Baron Re-Reads the John Arcudi/Tan Eng Huat Doom Patrol (SPOILERS)

Doom Patrol #1 (December 2001): "--Doom Patrol!"

Written by John Arcudi, art by Tan Eng Huat

As the cover says: "4/5 new! All different!" The cover picture is amusing - it's a head shot of Robotman with the other members reflected inhis face, and him thinking "We're doomed."   As I said about Alllred in the X-Statix thread, TanEng Huat's art really suits this book, and was a big draw for me.


The premise of this is that a fellow by the name of Thayer Jost is sponsoring a super-team.  The members include:


  • Fast Forward (Ted Bruder), the team leader, who can see 30 seconds into the future.
  • Freak (Ava) - a girl who can extrude tendrils from her hands.
  • Fever (Shyleen Lao) - she can raise the temperature of objects around her.
  • Kid Slick (Vic Darge) - he can eliminate friction around his body.


When we meet our heroes, they are in the midst of doing very badly in a rescue simulation. Jost cancels the team's debut.  Elsewhere, we see Cliff Steele working in a boiler room. Jost hears of him, and  hires him to shape up the team.  After some initial relcutance, Cliff signs up, and begins helping them train. As an additional bonus, hiring Cliif allows him to name the team - the Doom Patrol!

Overall: Another book that I picked up on a whim - I never was a big fan of any previous versions of this team.  The combination of Arcudi's writing style and Tan Eng Huat's art really drew me in, however!  Fun stuff!

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Doom Patrol #20 (July 20): "What is Drama?"

Guest artist is Rick Geary.


This is an odd-ball little side story about the making of the Doom Patrol TV series. It's mostly concerned with a fact-checker who complains that the show's scripts aren't true to what actually happened.  It's amusing enough - the show is presented as a sort of quasi-X-Files.


Overall: An OK issue. Geary's art suits the story, tohugh I wouldn't want to see it on a "regular" super-hero story.

Doom Patrol #21 (August 2003): "Salvation Through Terror"

Cliff arrives back at HQ only to find that Tycho and his ghost pals have possessed the other Patrollers and Kolodenko.   Tycho tells Cliff his origin and that he only wants to use the Patrollers as hosts temporarily so that he can help them move on to the next world. In return they will let him keep the blacksmith ghost's eyes.  Cliff agrees to allow this. However, the ghosts rat Tycho out and then the building explodes. Cliff finds the Patrollers all intact, but they find Kolodenko in a very bad way....


Overall:  An interesting wrap-up to the Tycho storyline, as the series draws toward an ending. Just one more issue left...

If it isn't obvious, Tycho's name is a play on that of Tycho Brahe (1546-1601), a Danish astronomer. The crater Tycho on the moon is named for him.

Luke Blanchard said:

If it isn't obvious, Tycho's name is a play on that of Tycho Brahe (1546-1601), a Danish astronomer. The crater Tycho on the moon is named for him.




That's right, he's even given the surname "Bray" at one point.

Doom Patrol #22 (September 2003): "A New Beginning End"

We start with Ciff dreaming of first the Patrol and then everyone else becoming robots.  We are shown that in fact he has dozed off at Kolodenko's funeral. Cliff takes off to go to Dorothy's bedside. He gives the OK to give the brain-dead Dorothy taken off of life support.


Back at HQ, Jost shows up to let the other know that he is evicting them


Cliff talks to the park bench guy, who points out to him, that since Cliff is always asking "Who am I? Why am I here?", Cliff is showing that he's not really all that "different" after all.


We end with Ted, Vic, Shyleen and Ava all leaving together...


The cover of this issue is a gag on the cover of the first issue:


Overall: A good "sad ending" to this series, I thought. I was sorry to see it ened. I'd grown to like these characters, for all their flaws. I gather they were written out of continuity by John Byrne, then written back in to continuity by the time of Infinite Crisis.  I asusme they were written back out again when the DCU committed suicide-by-Flashpoint. No idea whether any of these characters have manifested as part of the shambliing, badly-reconstructed, re-animated cadaver that is the post-Flashpoint, "New 52" DC Universe.

Sadly, Fever was the last one I saw, and she was killed off in some stupid thing about super-hero gladiator-type fights or something to prove that someone else was a "bad-ass".



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