I've discussed why I like this character here.  We'll start with her first appearance:

Edge of Spider-Verse #2 (November 2014):

OK, as I've noted before, I've never read any Silver or Bronze Age Gwen Stacy stories, so I don't have the connection to the character that a comics just a few years older than I am might have. An older reader might say, "This isn't my Gwen Stacy!", but I won't have that.

The writer is Jason Latour. By and large, I have no beef with the writing. His dialogue occasionally smacks of "the way these kids talk today".

The art is by Robbi Rodriguez, with colors by Rico Renzi. The art is basically OK. Rodriguez does tend to draw George Stacy with a huge forehead, as though he were about to mutate into the Leader. I like Gwen's costume, similar to Pete's, but different enough that it has some originality to the look.

We're shown that Gwen is drummer for a rock band called the Mary Janes.  MJ is the diva-ish lead singer/lead guitarist,  an African-American girl called Glory (Grant?) is the keyboardist, and a dark-haired girl who is not named is the rhythm guitarist. They are seen practicing a song called "Face It, Tiger".

We get a flashback explaining some of Gwen's history:  She was bitten by a radioactive spider, gained spider-powers, and became the entertainer "Spider-Woman".  Peter Parker, wanting to become special like her, becomes the Lizard, and ends up dying in her arms. J. Jonah Jameson starts a campaign against Spider-Woman, accusing her of murdering Peter. Gwen feels responsible for Pete's death, but not in the way that Jonah means it.

Meanwhile, Captain Stacy is in charge of the police effort to catch her. The police are hot on her trail. We cut to Matt Murdock - who on this Earth is a crooked lawyer working for the Kingpin, which I thought was an interesting twist - having lunch with a muscular, grey-skinned comedy Russian called Aleksei (This world's version of the Rhino?), and sending him knock off George Stacy, in hopes of winning over Spider-Woman.

Aleksei attacks George at a Mary Janes concert, which Gwen is late for.  She beats up the somewhat confused Aleksei, but George gets the drop on her.  She unmasks, and explains to him why she became Spider-Woman.  He weakens, and lets her go. All this is observed by the British Spider-Man, leading into the Spider-Verse storyline.

Overall:  An interesting first look at the character. She would play a fair part in the Spider-Verse story, but I'm not going to get into that here, as I hope to give that story its own thread at some point.

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Spider-Gwen #23 (October 2017)

Written by Hannah Blumenreich and Jason Latour, Art by  Hannah Blumenreich & Jordan Gibson and Robbi Rodriguez

We start with a few pages of weirdness from Latour and Rodriguez as the watching of Earth-65 is chided by his superiors for goofing off.

Then we shift to Blumenreich and Gibson giving us the story of what the other Mary Janes are up to while Gwen is off trying to save Harry.  We see the three of them dealing with MJ's personal drama as they prepare to do a show without Gwen.  MJ gets in some fighting of her own when she knocks out a would-be "boyfriend" who assaults Betty.

Overall:  A good issue. The Blumenreich/Gibson suits the story well, and its fun to see what the girls are up to while Gwen is away. It's an interesting choice to devote an issue to back-up characters  and leave the ittle character out pretty much entirely.  I'd give an Blumenreich/Gibson "Mary Janes" book a chance.

Spider-Gwen #24 (November 2014) "Predators" Conclusion

By Latour and Rodriguez

A mostly all-battle issue as Gwen and Kitty work to free Logan from the Venom symbiote. Gwen takes the symbiote onto herself and confronts Murdock, who tells her about the attack on George. Gwenom races to her father's hospital room,and swears vengeance on whoever hurt him.

Overall: Another good issue.I'm not a big Venom fan, but the concept is used to good purpose here.

Spider-Gwen #25 (December 2017) "Gwenom" Part 1

By Latour and Rodriguez

Gwen hunts for the Rhino, while the Parkers and the Mary Janes seek to help her. Murdock feeds her the Rhino's location, but Castle shows up and attacks the Rhino, instead. Gwen is left knowing that she would have killed him if she'd had the chance, and determines that she must get rid of the Venom symbiote.

We also get a Venom (a.ka. "Gwenom") guidebook page, and a short re-telling of Gwen's origin, written by Robbie Thompson, with art by Mark Bagley and John dell.

Overall:  I have to give this book credit, it takes concepts and characters I was never wild about ( Venom and Matt Murdock spring to mind) and makes them interesting.

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