Having seen my good friend Jeff's latest TV-based discussion, Jeff Watches Torchwood, I thought, "Since Jeff is posting about a current program that he's watching for the first time, I ought to post about an old program that I'd be watching for what would be at least the fiftieth, but which I haven't looked at in quite some time - and what better program to watch than one of the seminal comedies of its generation, one which had a profound impact on American television, and which went on to inspire such varied fare as Dusty's Trail, Far Out Space Nuts, and Lost.

Gilligan's Island is one of the first television programs I ever remember watching - Having been born in 1963, I was a touch too young to watch it in first-run, but I must've caught it in its earliest re-runs - I'm pretty sure that "Happy Birthday to You" and "The Ballad of Gilligan's Isle" are among the first songs that I knew all the words to.

I debated putting a spoiler warning on this thread - it's hard for me to conceive that there's anyone out there who hasn't seen Gilligan's Island - certainly not in the U.S. Anyway, if by some chance you haven't seen the show, but might want to watch it someday - be forewarned! There will be discussions of plot points, here.

As for the rest of you, "Just sit right back..."

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PowerBook Pete said:
The Baron said:

Didn't they do this before?

Not that I've noticed - the Commander did discuss this episode earlier in the thread - maybe you're recalling that?
That's probably it.
The Hunter:

Big game hunter Jonathan Kincaid (Rory Calhoun) comes to the island with his bearer Ramoo (Harold Sakata), and decides to hunt Gilligan.

Calhoun is quite good in this - quite cheerfully menacing.

Back Story: Mr. Howell's office back home is on the second floor.
The Professor had a PhD by the time he was 25.
The Skipper used to play football.

Taking It Seriously: Gilligan says there's no wild boar on the island, but they killed one on the island a few episodes ago. Perhaps that was the last one.
Gilligan manages to knock Kincaid down a couple of times. I believe I might've made a try at getting Kincaid's gun away from him. Of course, that's easy to say...
I suppose the castaways are lucky Kincaid didn't just shoot them all.

Gilligan Spoils A Rescue: No. In the end, with some help from his friends, Gilligan evades Kincaid. A month later, Kincaid break down at the National Trap Shooting Championship and has to be institutionalized.
Lovey's Secret Admirer:

Mrs. Howell begins receiving anonymous love notes - from Mr. Howell.

She dreams that she is Cinderella, the Skipper is her stepmother, Mary-Ann and Ginger are her stepsisters Giselle and Frederica, Mr. Howell is the Prince, and the Professor and the SKipper (again) are courtiers.

Gilligan claims not to like spinach, despite having loved it a few episodes back.

Back Story: The Professor has a BA from USC, a BS from UCLA, an MA from SMU and a PhD from TCU.

Taking It Seriously: I know nothing about how lie detectors are constructed, so I don't know how farfetched it is that the Professor was able to make one.

Gilligan Spoils A Rescue: No.
Our Vines Have Tender Apes:

An apeman called "Tongo" (Denny Miller) appears on the island - he is actually an actor preparing for a role.
Janos Prohaska is credited as the ape that carries him off.

It strikes me that all of the show business people who visit the island - the Mosquitos, Harold Hecuba, "Tongo" - are self-serving jerks who abandon the castaways for purely selfish reasons.

I like how the castaways have built themselves a shopping cart to carry groceries in.

Back Story: None really. Tongo recognizes Ginger, but she does not recognize him.

Taking It Seriously: None of the castaways notices that Tongo looks exactly like the surfer they a year or so back.

Gilligan Spoils A Rescue: No.
Man, I don't remember there being so many dream/fantasy sequences
Yeah, there were alot - Schwartz has said that the actors particularly enjoyed these, as it gave them a chance to act "outside the island", as it were.
The "Lord Admiral Gilligan" dream sequence, from "Court-Martial", had one of my favourite moments. It's silly and it really doesn't translate well in written word; one has to see it to get any real enjoyment out of it at all. But it's that moment when Lord Admiral Gilligan has disarmed Captain Kidd, Captain Hook, and Long John Silver. Now Gilligan is standing on the foredeck with their three cutlasses and his own.

From down on the main deck, the three pirates accuse Gilligan of not being sporting in fighting them while he is armed and they are not. The ever-gallant Lord Admiral agrees and returns their blades, tossing them down, one at a time:

(First sword) "Ho!"

(Second sword) "Ho!"

(Third sword) "Ho!"

(His own sword) "oh"

I know it's sophomoric, but it makes me laugh every time I see it, mainly because of Bob Denver's delivery. That was something else about Gilligan's Island that seemed to elude the critics. The cast had a marvelous sense of comedic timing. That's why so many of gags which were hoary, silly, or just plain lame still made us laugh---because Denver, et al., knew how to deliver them perfectly.
Yeah, I liked that bit, too - I can hear it in my head.
A general note, not specific to any episode: I've read that Jim Backus was frequently heard on Jack Benny's radio program. You can certainly hear it in his performance - he often does "bits" that are very "Benny".
Backus was a great "vocal" actor. He used that particular tool very well.
Gilligan's Personal Magnetism:

Gilligan is struck by lightning and is somehow magnetized. An attempt by the Professor to cure him results in him being rendered invisible.

Back Story: None given.

Taking It Seriously: Well, the science in this is questionable, to say the least. No explanation is given as to why Gilligan's clothing is also rendered invisible.

Gilligan Spoils A Rescue: No.

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