What I've got is the new releases with the enhanced special effects - I'll comment on these as best I can, shame I haven't got the originals to compare and contrast, but such is life. I put up the "spoiler" just on the off chance that there's someone here that hasn't seen all these a million times - you never know, I suppose.

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Oh, and a propos of CK's remarks regarding All in the Family:  The other day, I saw an episode of that for the first time in ages - possibly since the show went off the air - and holy crap, that show has aged badly for me!

The Naked Time is a quick way to introduce viewers to the internal conflicts, modivations and feelings of all the characters. It was used effectively a second time when The Next Generation came allong, simply updating it to The Naked Now.  I always thought it was great to look inside the character's heads...but given that they are intoxicated, I wouldn't have put too much literal faith in what a drunken Spock might have said. He may have been speaking figuratively.

As far as the reversing chronomiter, how else can you show the effects of reversing time?

I  buy it as a visual shortcut.    But it also opens a possibility that the crew could try stories with time travel in the future.

Baron, thanks for the tip on Star Trek 101.   It is now under the tree for a family member who is into Dr. Who and ST:TNG as well as classic trek.  Thanks!

It's a while since I saw the episode; I took the idea behind Spock's revelations to be that, being half-human, he really does have emotions, whereas full Vulcans don't. There's a Star Trek: TNG episode where Spock's father Sarek, making a guest appearance, tells Picard that Vulcans have powerful emotions and suppress them.

The Baron said:

Oh, and a propos of CK's remarks regarding All in the Family:  The other day, I saw an episode of that for the first time in ages - possibly since the show went off the air - and holy crap, that show has aged badly for me!

It wasn't that great even back then, if you ask me ...

I have to say Plato's Stepchildren was not one of my favorites. (That's the one with Michael Dunn, right?)

For a moment, I confused that with the sixth episode...the one with Ted Cassiday as the android and the beau for Nurse Chapel.

The Baron:

"I always thought the "environment suits" were goofy-looking."

I thought they were cool, and they should have used them more.

"Apparently, Starfleet doesn't train its members to keep their gloves on in possibly contaminated environments."

That was really stupid, wasn't it?

"I just figured he was needling Spock - I've known guys who would say the vilest things to one another, but who were actually good friends."

I've often said it's okay to make fun of your friends, but not strangers.  You have to become friends FIRST for it to be okay.  People who claim that doing it is a way to become friends.... are just IDIOTS.

"It is interesting to note that Spock is the only non-human we ever see on the Enterprise"

Don't forget "Journey To Babel".  Or "Is There In Truth No Beauty?"  Or "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield".

"We get our first view of Nurse Chapel here, and it is revealed that she has the hots for Spock."

This is something that rather baffles me.  "What Are Little Girls Made Of?", to me, was CLEARLY written and designed to be Nurse Chapels' 1st episode.  So why was it made AFTER this one? And why was it SHOWN after this one? This is one case where, even if you were watching the episodes in production order, you SHOULD watch these 2 in reverse order, for it to make more sense.

"Bruce Hyde does a good job as Riley the obnoxious "drunk"."

Of all the "minor" crewmembers, he's the one I always wished had been more of a regular.  It still amazes me how many "background" characters appeared in more episodes than some of the "regulars".

"Ah, Shirtless Crazy Sulu...just awesome."

I always thought he was so cool in this. What this show could have done with Bruce Lee!

On the other hand... so... the GAY guy gets to run around with his shirt off, showing off those muscles.  WHO KNEW?

""I'll protect you, fair maiden." "Sorry, neither." Geez, race is all through this show..."

Someone pointed out this was sneaking by the censors.  A) she's black  B)she's NOT a virgin!!

"In this episode, it's basically Scotty, McCoy and Uhura who keep the ship running - good thing none of them got infected."

We get to see Scotty get stinking drunk in "By Any Other Name".

""My chronometer's running backwards, sir."   I'm not sure I buy this as a means of time travel."

I recently read that when this was planned, the ending was supposed to be a cliffhanger, leading directly into "Tomorrow Is Yesterday".  But instead, that one got made much later.

"Another pretty good episode."

Amazing for me to think... this was my FIRST episode!!!  It actually took me awhile to figure out that Spock was an alien, among other things. I'd watched science-fiction for years by then, but had never seen anything quite like this show.  It was clearly aimed at a different audience than most things I'd seen before, and while I came to love it immediately, it wasn't until I was a teenager than a lot of things in some episodes really made sense to me.

Luke Blanchard:

"Vulcans have powerful emotions and suppress them."

I'm pretty SURE this was explained somewhere on the original show.

Kirk G:

"I have to say Plato's Stepchildren was not one of my favorites. (That's the one with Michael Dunn, right?)"

Yep. Also, Barbara Babcock (who later played "Grace Gardner" on HILL STREET BLUES).  Someone at the IMDB described this episode as "torture porn".  It's also the sight of TV's 1st INTERRACIAL KISS!!!  Which, stupidly, they had to FORCE Kirk & Uhura to do against their will, as one of many ways of showing how they could FORCE!!!!! them to do anything to humilate themselves.  (Nichelle Nichols revealed in an interview that "It didn't REALLY take 40 takes to get it right...")

"It is interesting to note that Spock is the only non-human we ever see on the Enterprise"

Don't forget "Journey To Babel".  Or "Is There In Truth No Beauty?"  Or "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield".



To clarify, what I meant, and perhaps could have put more clearly, is that Spock is the only non-human crew member that we see on the ship, at least that I recall. I will watch closely, to see if I turn out to be wrong on that.

The Enemy Within:

Written by Richard Matheson (who wrote I am Legend, The Shrinking Man and umpty-zillion other great things)

Directed by Leo Penn (father of Sean)


Synopsis: A transporter malfunction splits Kirk into "good" and "evil" selves.



1)So far, the main result of the "enhanced" special effects is that the planets look more convincing when seen from space.


2)Obviously, the alien animal is a little dog with a "horn" stuck on.


3)And we get our first "transporter malfunction" episode here.


4)Shatner really gets to overact his cotton socks off a "Evil Kirk".


5)Apparently, they must not have invented shuttlecraft by then. Still, it would've been funny if the episode had ended with Kirk saying, "Crap, what morons we all are!  Why didn't we just take a shuttlecraft down to pick those guys up?" Either that or do a reveal that the whole episode was just a"hazing" of Sulu and his buddies - "We weren't really gonna let you freeze, we were just messing with you a little."


6)I find it interesting that the story's moral is that we need our dark and light sides to be complete people. There's an interesting idea for a Star Wars character - someone who insists that you have to embrace the light and the dark sides f the Force to be whole.


7)I like the scene of Kirk giving himself a pep talk.


8)"He's dead, Jim."  OK, this is the first time McCoy says that whole sentence.


9)Woudln't it have bene easier for Spock to just knock both Kirks out, rather than let them fight? Of course, he could have offered to mind-meld to work out who the "good" one was, but the wrtiers hadn't come up with mind-melding yet.


10)"The impostor had sonme interesting qualities, wouldn't you say, Yeoman?"  Wow, that's a little snide, Spock, old man!



Another pretty good episode. Shatner does a good jobe distinguishing the two Kriks from one another.

Wikipedia confirms the idea that "Tomorrow is Yesterday" was supposed to be the second half of the Naked Time story.



Ensign O'Reiley shows up about three times in the show. He shuts down the engines in this episode, he's one of the last survivors of "Kronis, the Merciless" as is Kirk, and he's one other place as well.


The bit with the female computer was an early element that got dropped, though Majil Barrett's voice continued, as we all well know.


Originally, the show's writers and producers wanted him to fence with a samari sword...a bit of a stereotype, so George Takei (Sulu) asked for some depth and variety, saying that it could be a fencing foil. So they changed it. He didn't know how to fence, so he ran out and overnight or over a weekend, took lessons so he could "cash the check his mouth had written".   It worked!  But elsewhere, we see this stereotype pop up again, as in "Shore Leave" when two samari solders pop up in the tunnel to bedevel him.


Regarding the interacial kiss: There have been some reports that Shatner and Nickols had a brief affair.  There's also an anecdote that she and Roddenbury might have been involved at one point, early on, when she walks out of the back of his private office wearing   a pulled down sweatshirt to shock someone who had barged in to see him.  (But it's related as only being a prank stunt to shock the guest.)

Barry Letts, who was a huge STAR TREK fan, was apparently very inspired by the episode "The Enemy Within" and wanted to do a variation of it during his run of DOCTOR WHO.  However, due to tragic circumstances (the sudden death of actor Roger Delgado) the story they started could not be finished as planned, and so the big mystery they'd spent several seasons setting up was NEVER revealed or resolved onscreen!  (Both "The Doctor" / Jon Pertwee and "The Master" / Roger Delgado were supposed to be revealed as one half of the same person, split in two in some never-revealed incident.  It would go a long way to "explaining" how none of The Master's schemes really ever seemed to make sense, or have any point to them, and also the way that, despite being the obvious villain and sometime mass murderer, The Master tended to be far MORE charming and likable than the show's hero!)

Kevin Thomas Riley (Bruce Hyde) as far as I know only appeared in 2 episodes.

Strange but true:  "Shore Leave" was probably the 1st time I ever heard the word "samurai"!

On the other hand, Spock's reference to "D'Artagnan" completely escaped me.  It wasn't until 2 years later that I first encountered "The Three Musketeers", in the Hanna-Barbera cartoon series that was part of THE BANANA SPLITS ADVENTURE HOUR.

I think when watching "The Enemy Within" you just kinda have to assume they were having some kind of severe technical problems with the shuttlecraft and couldn't use them.  After all, it's pretty obvious The Enterprise was designed with shuttlecraft bay doors in the back!

Mudd's Women:

Teleplay by Stephen Kandel/Story by Gene Roddenberry

Directed by Harvey Hart



Harcourt Fenton "Harry" Mudd beams aboard with three beautiful women. Shenanigans ensue.



1)I notice Uhura's wearing gold in this, for some reason.


2)"Lithium crystals" - they hadn't discovered dilithium yet, apparently.


3)Roger C. Carmel is fun as Harry, but I think I liked him better in "I, Mudd".


4)We get our first hint that McCoy distrusts the Transporter, here.


5)"You're part Vulcanian, aren;t you?"


6)We saw Rigel VII in "The Cage", here we see Rigel XII.



A so-so episode, I find this one hasn't aged well for me. As I noted above, I think Mudd was much better used in his other appearance. Interesting that in the future, wives are for doing housework and looking nice, apparently.



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