Most of the polls have closed, and the remaining ones will close in the next few minutes.  There will most likely be some run-off polls.  However, I'm ready to start announcing the winners here. 

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Best Writer: Geoff Johns


Geoff Johns held off a strong challenge from Grant Morrison to win his fourth Best Writer Cappie and third in a row.
Best Artist and Most Underrated Writer are both going to run-offs.  The Best Artist run-off features two former winners.  The Most Underrated Writer run-off features a three-way race.  Interestingly, both of those categories needed run-offs last year as well.

Most Underrated Artist: Jill Thompson


Jill Thompson won this award for the second year in a row.  That also makes it four years in a row for a female artist, following Colleen Coover and Nicola Scott. 

Best Single Issue or One-Shot: Fables 100


It was a tight race as a couple of surprise selections almost pulled off the upset but Fables 100 emerged victorious over Brave and the Bold 34 and Jughead 200. 

Best Story Arc: "The Return of Bruce Wayne," Batman titles


DC continues to dominate this category.  The company has won the award every year it's been offered and had all three of the top contenders this time around.  Last year's winner, Blackest Night, made a strong second showing but  the Return of Bruce Wayne that took home the prize. 

Best Limited Series: Cinderella: From Fabletown with Love


This is another category dominated by DC.  They've won the award eight straight years (though the 2004 award was split with Marvel for JLA/Avengers).  This is the second win this year for the Fables family of titles. 

Best Ongoing Series: Life with Archie

Most Underrated Title: Life with Archie


We have a new winner!  Repeat winners had been the standard for Best Ongoing Series but Life with Archie broke the pattern and picked up one of the most coveted Cappies.  It also took home the Most Underrated Title award. 

Best Original Graphic Novel: Parker: The Outfit


This was a strong category this year.  Every nominee had at least one vote.  Serenity: The Shepherd's Tale had an early lead and Scott Pilgrim Vol. 6 was in the race right until end but Richard Stark and Darwyn Cooke took home the honor. 

Best webcomic: xkcd


xkcd held off a field of six challengers to win the best webcomic Cappie for the second year in a row.

Best Reprint or Archive: Wednesday Comics


Wednesday Comics took advantage of a split field to win this Cappie by a narrow margin.  Three other reprints finished tied for second, one behind the eventual champion. 

Best Male Character: Dick Grayson


His mentor, Bruce Wayne, took home this award in 2006.  Now, it's Dick Grayson's turn, both to wear the cowl and to win the Cappie.

Best Female Character: Frau Totenkinder


The top two contenders hail from one title.  Frau Totenkinder edged out her Fables co-star Rose Red for the Best Female Character Cappie.  Fables took this award in 2008 as well for Cinderella.

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