Not every new show will merit its own thread.  Until then, here's a catch-all thread for thoughts and comments.

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I would be excited about Boardwalk Empire, but I don't get HBO, so I'm not. :-/ The advance buzz on it has been promising, though...
BBC America has announced that they'll be premiering Law & Order: UK (or whatever it's called) in October, and I'm guardedly intrigued by that one, for the Lee Adama/Martha Jones team if nothing else. ;)
KSwolf said:
I can't belive that no one's mentioned Boardwalk Empire yet.

I haven't been so excited about a debuting show since True Blood (of course that show proved to be a disappointment, so maybe I shouldn't get my hopes up).

I don't get HBO either, and I have found the bang to hype ratio on HBO shows to be seriously out of whack.
I'm crazy excited about one day being able to watch Boardwalk Empire on DVD... the same way I will someday watch Treme, which I'm even *more* excited about!
I've seen one episode of Law & Order: UK and thought that it was very good. Keep in mind that while similar, the laws and procedures of the United Kingdom are different from what we're used to.
I saw Nikita and thought it had some intriguing points. The set-up with her foster father was compelling and his fate sudden and she KNEW it would happen. The ending caught me off guard as well.

Also, it should be against the law for Maggie Q to look that good!
OK. The new shows that we'll be at least trying are...

The Event
Hawaii 5-0
Raising Hope
The Defenders
Stuff My Dad Says
Blue Bloods
The Walking Dead
(which we'll have to tape at my parents' house since we don't have AMC*)

*How the heck is a new weekly TV series qualify as an American Movie Classic? I may look forward to the series but I wish that channels would stick to their mandate. Yeah, I'm looking at you, SyFy with your totally off-base wrestling shows.
Cavalier said:
*How the heck is a new weekly TV series qualify as an American Movie Classic? I may look forward to the series but I wish that channels would stick to their mandate.

AMC re-branded itself in 2003; the letters no longer correlate to the words for which they once stood any more than, say, WGN (neé "World's Greatest Newspaper") does.
That's true about WGN? I had no idea its call letters ever actually meant, well, anything. Neat.
At first I was hot on Hawaii Five-O, but after seeing a bunch of promos last night, I'm not so sure. But then, I actually remember the original series, and it's clear they're going after an audience that doesn't. During one exchange, our newly minted Steve McGarrett Version 2.0 argues with Danny "Dan-O" Williams Version 2.0 about his wearing a tie, exclaiming, "Nobody in Hawaii wears a tie." Did anyone ever see Jack Lord's Steve McGarrett not wear a tie?

Not that that alone would kill my interest in the show (although my interest in some other shows has died from much less). It doesn't hurt that, this go-round, the producers chose not to have an all-male cast and introduced Grace Park as a butt-kicking babe. But it seems that somebody at CBS is absolutely bent on making Alex O'Loughlin a bona-fide star, despite two failed TV series (Moonlight, Three Rivers) under his belt. Maybe the third time is the charm.
I'm still amazed that anyone wears a tie. Those things just hold on to microbes people!
Bow ties are cool. The Doctor says so.

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