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ClarkKent_DC said:
Doctor Hmmm? said:

More "Fair is Fair" ...

A couple of weeks ago, I described The Cape to someone as something that I was watching because I'll give almost anything like that a try, and I hadn't given up on it yet, but that I couldn't honestly recommend it to anyone else.  The last couple of episodes, though, have shown a radical improvement in the scripts.  It's not yet "Must See TV," but I don't feel guilty about it eating up space on the ol' TiVo.

I have to say, though, that it's hard not to laugh every time they use a shot of the Chicago skyline to represent Palm City.  Not a lot of palm trees in Northeast Illinois, last time I was there.

That "radical improvement in the scripts" didn't come fast enough for NBC; it cut the episode order from 13 to 10 -- right after they finished filming the 10th episode. It looks like The Cape will join Undercovers in Cancellation Heaven.

Rrrrrrrrr .... The improvement was not my imagination. The show's actually pretty good now. 2 episodes left. Rrrrr ....


Ummm ... seriously?

Just as a warm-up to my real problem with last night's 2-part "2nd-half-of-the-season premier", let's pause for a moment and contemplate the myriad unlikely aspects of the sub-plot concerning the Current Senator from Alaska (the "CSA") who's the widow of the Former Senator from Alaska (the "FSA").

1. So ... the Mount Inostranka prison is such a Really Big Government Secret that not even the current President of the United States was told about it until recently.  But the FSA knew.  And so did, presumably, the other members of the committee or task force or whatever who reviewed the file that the CSA found and brought to the President.  And so did the person who wrote that file and gave it to members of Congress, etc.  But, you know, not the President.

2. So ... the FSA was in on the RBGS, and he was able to keep paper files about it just sitting around in his office?

3. So ... the FSA was in on the RBGS and his replacement is not, but it didn't occur to anybody until just now -- not even Mr. Super Paranoid Sterling -- that they ought to be sweeping the FSA's office to make certain that there aren't any files there related to the RBGS (or, for that matter, other classified stuff that the CSA doesn't have clearance to see)?  Shouldn't cleaning out classified files be standard operating procedure whenever there is a change in office-holders (but especially when it involves the RBGS)?

4. So ... the RBGS is sooo RB that public disclosure could have catastrophic consequences for the whole world, and the President (or his staff) thinks the best way to recover RBGS files from the CSA's office is to send the Senate Sergeant at Arms to barge in in broad daylight and start rifling through the file drawers?  That couldn't possibly end badly.  Too bad the President doesn't have some arm of the Executive Branch capable of and empowered to act covertly in the interests of national security.  (And does the President even have the authority to order the Sergeant at Arms -- an office of the Legislative Branch -- to do something like this?)

5. So ... the Sergeant at Arms, ordered by the Office of the President to the CSA's office for the express and admitted purpose of retrieving classified documents that are not supposed to fall into the CSA's hands, allows the CSA to go behind closed doors, unsupervised, to rifle through those files and walk away with, you know, "personal stuff" -- and, apparently, doesn't even bother to check to confirm that that's all she's taking?

6. So ... the CSA went to the trouble of arranging a meeting with the President specifically to ask him what the first Mount Inostranka file she found was all about -- but she never even bothered to look in her husband's files to see if he had any other information about it until the Sergeant at Arms showed up to clear out the files?  It's not like it was hidden -- it was neatly labeled and took her all of about 5 seconds to find, once she bothered to look.

7. So ... we've been led to believe that this President is (at a minimum) a politically astute guy, and someone very concerned about the threat posed by Sophia and her people.  And so, when the CSA confronts him with her knowledge about what clearly on its face looks like a very bad thing, his response is to treat her like dirt -- ignorant and unworldly dirt -- and dismissively order her out of his office.  That couldn't possibly end badly.  (And forgive me if I'm wrong, but didn't he agree to the first meeting with the CSA because his chief of staff advised him, earlier in this very same episode, that "we need her support"?)  Wouldn't now have been a good time to trot out the "If you don't trust my judgment, trust your husband's" argument?

The above, as I said, isn’t even my real problem with last night’s episodes.  My real problem is this:

I’ve been watching The Event primarily because I’ve been intrigued by the central, underlying mysteries of the show: Who are Sophia and her people?  Where did they come from?  What do they want?  Why are they so unwilling to just explain themselves?

Certainly, it’s been suggested from the beginning that they are aliens, and possibly the advance team for an invasion.  That’s what Sterling believes.

But that explanation is just so … unoriginal.  Clichéd, really, and uninteresting.  And it doesn’t explain all the facts.  Why are they, biologically, so very, very nearly human?  Why do they speak English, and refer to one another using English names, even when talking privately among themselves? 

Surely there’s more going on here.  Are they time travelers?  Refugees from an alternate dimension?  Descendents from some lost civilization that left Earth ages ago and are now back?

So, last night we get … yep, aliens.  Who want to take over the planet.  Because, you know, their own world is dying (or something).  Ho frickin’ hum.

Did you notice how, after being so coy up ‘til now, last night’s script was all “aliens” this and “extraterrestrials” that and “a galaxy far, far away”?  Even Sophia and her people are suddenly referring to “the humans” left and right.  Remember the Seinfeld episode where everybody was suddenly calling Kramer “Cosmo”, like it was something they had always done all the time?  Like that, only not intentionally funny.

Now, that’s not necessarily the whole story.  Buchanan was pretty clear to his daughter that he hasn’t told her everything, and the implication seemed to be that there were some things that couldn’t be fully disclosed while the {ahem} human boyfriend was around.

So it’s possible that things are a lot more interesting, a lot more original, than what was “revealed” last night.  But the utter inanity of the script last night does not fill me with hope that the writers and producers are, in fact, really, really clever and about to pull a rabbit out of their hat.

On Glee last night, Kurt's father had "the talk" with him.  It was one of the best father-son moments ever on TV in my opinion.

That story prompted the creation of this, though:
Doc, Did you hear that Dr. Who season 6 will start April 23 on BBC America?
NO...razzin' frazzin' lent...
Thanks for telling me though.  :)
TV Line updates it's Renewal Scorecard ("What's Getting Axed? What's Coming Back? What's On the Bubble?"). It's a little amusing to see the cross-outs for some of these entries.
Both fans of Mad About You, Tracy and I started watching The Paul Reiser Show. I was just about to predict that this show wouldn’t last long, but according to Wikipedia it’s already been cancelled after only two episodes.
Alexandra Kitty said:

Two and a Half Men: Officially renewed. Could go either way.


I think it's a sure thing -- too much pride and money on the line...

I think the key is finding the right actor to replace Charlie Sheen, and they seem to be taking their time with it. The success or failure of the attempt rests on finding somebody the viewers will embrace.


I don't think they really expect the show to thrive under these circumstances, but if they can eke out another year, that's good enough. Now, if it did thrive, that's gravy.

With ratings that were the worst for a debut show in NBC history...mind you, I hadn't even heard about it until it was canceled...

Don't worry... you didn't miss much.

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