Here's the trailer from SDCC. Season 8 launches Oct. 22, 2017.

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Yep, that's what I'm thinking too! I'm excited to see how it comes off.

I have often thought that, as good as the comic is, the television show gives the writers a chance to clean things up and tighten plot points.

I think this is also going to exacerbate the split between Rick and Daryl. I expect the latter might take off on his own adventures.

I would say it didn’t take Rick long to abandon Carl’s philosophy, but he never really embraced it.

They’re always thinking up nee ways to kill walkers. The trash grinder thingy was pretty gruesome. (“Losing face” walker was pretty grim, too.)

Nice touch that Jadis lost her affected accent once her people were dead.

What’s Negan going to do when he discovers Simon’s treachery?

Just what is that landfill (with a heliport and solar panels) anyway?

I'd say TWD has regained its groove.

Yeah, I think it's going to take some time for Rick to come around to Carl's way of thinking. And how weird to listen to a conversation between Rick and Negan and be more sympathetic to the Negan side of the argument! (Or at least its tone -- I don't think Carl's death was Rick's fault, and I don't think Rick should have just submitted -- but I do think that Rick isn't taking the time to process Carl's death that he needs, and I believe Negan's regret at the news of Carl's death was sincere.)

Kathy and I were wondering if Jadis would refashion herself (and her next society) to be Alpha in the future. But until then, there's still that helicopter...

I think so, too. 

When I'm jazzed about something I've seen, I'll sometimes google the show and hit "news." That gives me the latest recaps, reviews and commentaries. But invariably, all the Walking Dead reviews just have poster after poster in the comments section whining about how terrible the show is and how they don't watch it any more. I guess that gives them more time to go online and try to ruin everyone else's enjoyment of it. 

I honestly do not understand that attitude. You don't like it? Fine. Don't watch it. And don't waste your time and mine complaining about it. Find something productive to do with your life. *shakes head*

Anyway: Yes. They actually made me like Jadis and Negan in this episode. 

Not only did they answer all the questions we had about the Trash People (it was performance art!), but it gave Jadis some genuinely tragic moments ... and raised the mystery of the helipad and solar panels. (Remember, one time when Rick was going to see the Trash People, a helicopter went by overhead, and that has yet to be explained.) And Jadis was eating military rations. Hmmmm.

My first thought was that she'd become Alpha (and if you read the comic book, you'll know what I mean). And she still might, if she is genuinely ignorant of what's going on in her trash heaps. If she does know, though, that just raises a fistful more questions ... and means Rick made a horrendous decision to refuse her help and leave her to die. That will come back to bite him.

Not that I blame him. Jadis betrayed him once and abandoned him once. I"m still baffled why he went back a third time. But then, I got to thinking ...

Maybe they are deliberately showing Rick making bad decisions, to establish the need for him to change. To change, specifically, the way Carl wants him to. We've discussed before that such a thing is needful for a certain event in the comics to occur on TV. (Assuming it does.) Perhaps this is all leading up to that. 

And this might not be obvious to us, because one thing Walking Dead is genuinely terrible at is nuanced, methodical character growth and change. They may be getting where they need to go in a clumsy fashion, as they are wont to do.

To paraphrase Churchill, "You can always count on 'Walking Dead' to tell the right story -- after they've tried everything else." 

As to Negan, his genuine remorse at Carl's death wasn't unexpected, but I thought Jeffrey Dean Morgan handled it very, very subtly. After all his scenery-chewing, it was very welcome.

Also: They seem to be setting up a dual storyline, which is something writers like to do. And that is: Negan v Simon vis-a-vis Rick v Daryl.

In both cases, you have the boss (Negan, Rick) beginning to re-think their approach, and becoming less brutal (well, I assume that's what's coming). They are still no angels, so their approach will be shown in contrast to Simon and Daryl, who just want to kill 'em all. 

How these two divisions play out will offer the opportunity to explore the morality of this new world. You know, this world where every time someone shows mercy it gets them killed. This world where every time someone becomes a moral compass he or she gets killed. This world where it seems only the most brutal and unforgiving seem to thrive. That world.

So if they do it right, it should be really interesting.

OTOH, I could be completely wrong, and this post is entirely without merit.

The idea of Jadis becoming Alpha is an intedresting one, except for the fact Alpha's daughter is pivotal to the plot and Jadis has no daughter. OTOH, they may rework that with Carl out of the picture. It would take time for her to set up such a society, and the TV show is at that point now.

You are reading my mind, Mr. Plackeimeier. Without Carl, how important can Lydia be? Should she even exist?

Of course, Alpha might have a son, and we do have Enid ...

Yeah, the daughter is definitely a deviation -- but the show has deviated in plenty of bigger ways before. And Alpha appears after a five-year time jump. That's not what Carl's visions turned out to be, but that doesn't mean we won't eventually get one -- which would give Jadis time to start a new society again.

Cap, I agree with the underlying point of your article. The death of Carl could be a signal that the show is going to permanently head off in another direction from the comic. And I don't think that would be a bad idea. Having the show follow the story lines of the comic makes it predictable. And that's something that seems to be anathema to the show. The showrunners want you to be worried that your favorite character could die at any moment.  Following the comic works against that.

I've heard speculation that Madison could become Alpha from the comics.  That seems more likely to me than Jadis. I see Jadis becoming incorporated into the Grimes gang.

I also agree that the death of Carl serves one purpose above all others. To prevent Negan from getting what he deserves. JD Morgan is a big star. A movie star. And I think they have every intention of making him a long running character. But I think the showrunners are overlooking something very important. Many viewers loved Glenn and Abraham and those viewers are never going to accept Negan as part of this group.  Even if he saves the life of every member of the Grimes gang in an awesome display of badassery. They will never forgive him. It just won't work.

Also, I think last night's episode signals the end of Simon.  He's clearly gone off the rails and now becomes villain number one with Negan actually appearing to be reasonable in comparison.  Maybe Negan kills him in a display of fealty to Rick and Co at some point..

I am intrigued by the previews of next week’s episode, with Simon and Dwight in the car. Both are traitors to Negan, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re allies. I wonder if either will find out about the other’s treachery by next week? I don’t know how loyal Simon is to Negan at this point, but I think he buys into Negan’s dream. I could see Simon taking over the Saviors, but I don’t think Dwight would want to.

And Negan drives the same car I do!

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