What if everyone was a super-hero? Everyone from the boy who delivers your pizza to the mail carrier is a superhero. Or at least they have powers. This is the city of Neopolis. This is the story, or series of stories, of what a police station set in that world would be.

Told at first from the perspective of Robyn Slinger a.k.a. Toybox, who is the new partner of Jeff Smax, a big strong blue guy. They investigate such crimes as a domestic abuse situation, a murder in Tin Town (a ghetto inhabited by robots), and the mysterious Libra killer, who turns out to be a former colleague.

If you ask me, this is Alan Moore's most enjoyable series in terms of entertainment value. The artwork by Gene Ha is beautiful--just before his turn to a more painterly style, when he let his line work show through with razor sharp precision.

Shall we begin discussing?

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Yes, let's. The main thing that struck me on rereading it is just how much fun it is. Alan Moore's writing has never made me laugh out loud anywhere else I can recall. There's the lawyer joke in Issue 3 ("I wasn't talking about sharks"), or the order Smax gives to a roomful of gods at the end of Issue 6 ("Nobody move in a mysterious way...").

The in-jokes were cool but sometimes were distracting, like you have to look for them at the expense of the story. I would have liked more personal moments with the cast.

Of course, you have to wonder if Moore is taking shots at DC. ;-)

Whew! True confession time: I had torn my house APART looking for this book to reread before starting the discussion on it. I just now found it. I went from memory on the starter above. I promise to reread it tonight and tomorrow morning so that I can be a much better participant in my own thread.

Having fun reading through this again--I had forgotten about the sheer amount of Easter eggs throughout this book. I'm pretty sure I understand about 30% more of them reading it this time around as opposed to when it first came out.

You may want to read through Jess Nevins' Annotations.  Lots of useful information, and some stuff you may have missed.

I finally got around to reading Top 10, (for the first time!), and I enjoyed the heck out of it.  I have to say though, I was really surprised at how dense a read it was.  The sheer volume of Easter Eggs is astounding and unlike a lot of books, I felt they added texture to the city instead of just being throw away nods for those in the know.  And when you get to something like the Atom Cats where you have nods within nods... wow, this was one hearty read.

Indeed. I spent about a third of the time following the actual story, and about two thirds searching for Easter Eggs.

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