I was looking through some old comics when I thought of a new game. I call it Three of a Kind. Here's my first entry. 


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I had both of those comments in my head when I saw the GL/GA cover. Aquaman finally got his title in the SA, I wonder why GA never did, even after joining the JLA? That seemed like a requirement for a long time, except for him.

-- MSA

Since both Aquaman and GA were Mort Weisinger's offspring, I guess the reason they didn't continue as backup features for him was because of other features (LOSH) and the trend towards book-length stories. GA, being so derivative of Batman (minus the interesting cast), would have had a hard time carrying a book of his own. Since then, his handling has improved as has his cast of characters, but not then. 

But I think if they'd decided to give GA his own title, it'd have been a chance to give him the cast and details that would've made him more interesting. Obviously, they weren't going to take his 6-page stories and pad them out to three-part, full-length novels.

It's true he mostly aped Batman, but I think his own title would've been a good chance to get him out of his cave (which made no sense) and add cast to make him different. Six pages isn't much room to develop other characters, although Mort used Superman's cast to kick-start a lot of short stories.

So I say: missed opportunity. Think of all the adventures we missed out on that could've required a well-placed boxing-glove arrow!

-- MSA

Commander Benson built a case that DC did attempt a Green Arrow series (Deck Log #123 Supplemental: The World's Second-Finest Heroes?, April 27, 2011).  

It would have a been a series similar to Superman and Batman in World’s Finest with Green Arrow teamed up with Martian Manhunter.  It’s try-out was Brave and Bold #50, Oct.-Nov. 1963.  If it had continued who knows what would have happened to Green Arrow (and J’onn).  Imagine Speedy and Zook filling the roles played by Robin and Jimmy.

I don’t know how to link to the Commander’s post; would someone do that so that we can all enjoy it.  Thanks. 


I agree they may have wanted to do that, but playing up how similar JJ and GA are to Superman and Batman was not the best way to go, IMO. It reeks of second-rate, and WF already had to jump through hoops to come up with villains challenging enough for Supes who didn't make Bats look insignificant. I'm guessing they'd have faced a lot of flame beasts and dragons.

Interestingly, though, most of the other JLAers were already buddied up (GL-Flash, Atom-Hawkman later). I think a WW-GA teamup would've been really interesting. They both could talk about their planes! The other option, which would've thrilled Mort, was a GA-Aquaman team-up, but that would have plot challenges almost as tough as WF faced.

The real problem is that WF was based on two stars readers wanted to see together. When Marvel started MTU, they didn't make the main star Angel or Ant-Man (hi, Hoy!) I think a GA book, maybe with occasional guest-stars every few issues, would've been a better way to go to rev up interest in GA. 

FYI, to create a link, find the page (I just Googled it) and click on the first icon at the top left of the Reply box. That's the Add Link page. Write in on the Link Text line what you want the link to say (here it was "Deck Log #123 Supplemental: The World's Second-Finest Heroes?"), then paste in the address below on the Link URL line, and Bob's your uncle.

-- MSA

Right, so back to "three of a kind".  The link between these three is not, I think, immediately obvious.  Clue: B.C.

Dr. Strange, Khan, & Sherlock have all been played by Benedict Cumberbatch?

Dave Elyea said:

Dr. Strange, Khan, & Sherlock have all been played by Benedict Cumberbatch?

Yes, that's it.  Congratulations!  I toyed with the idea of using this cover instead of the Muppets, but decided it would make it too obvious.


A trio of giant green alien infants.  This three-of-a-kind was inspired when a couple of these covers were posted over in the "A Cover a Day" discussion during "Green" month.  

Here are three with a common element linking them, besides all being issues of Adventure Comics

Actually, for this one, although it is mentioned on the cover, the common element is in the LSH story.

Here’s a hint.  In Slaughterman from Comico of all places.

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