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Diamond, USAopoly and Skybound Team Up to Offer Exclusive The Walking Dead MONOPOLY® and RISK® Games

This September, two classic game franchises get the zombie treatment from creator/writer Robert Kirkman’s best-selling Eisner Award-winning comic book series and graphic novels.

(BALTIMORE, MD) — (July 31, 2013) — Zombies are massing to make a run at your real estate and they’re bent on world domination in updated takes on the classic game franchises, Monopoly and Risk. Brought to you by USAopoly under license by Hasbro, Inc. —and available exclusively from Skybound, Kirkman's imprint at Image Comics, and Diamond Comic Distributor MONOPOLY: The Walking Dead Survival Edition and RISK: The Walking Dead Survival Edition games are both scheduled for a late September 2013 release.

Despite its post-apocalyptic setting, MONOPOLY: The Walking Dead Survival Edition delivers a classic Monopoly wheeling and dealing game play.  Players fight for, and then must fortify the prime real estate and resources that will sustain their lives.  The game takes over the characteristic of The Walking Dead as the properties all correspond with the series landmarks such as the prison cells, Greene Family farm house, Woodbury, and more locations while game tokens resemble key items from the series such as the Rick’s sheriff hat, bucket of body parts, the telephone, and the R.V.  Instead of using money to purchase property, players must trade in essential supplies such as food, ammo and fuel to gain more territory on the board or to place a guard tower or wall instead of the standard houses and hotels, to secure their properties from invading zombies.  There's only one victor that will outlast the others - whether living or undead - when all is said and done. This completely customized game features six collectible tokens, optional speed play and a fight to the finish!

In RISK: The Walking Dead Survival Edition it’s a fun, new twist on classic Risk game play.  USAopoly will debut a brand new map set in the Southeastern region of the United States where players battle and scavenge for their very lives within 32 territories. Fighting for survival at every turn, gamers must not only fend off attacks from the living that compete for precious, limited resources, but they also must maintain their self-preservation from the unrelenting hordes of the undead that would feast upon them. Zombies, also known as “Walkers” in The Walking Dead, will populate areas of the map and will continue to randomly spawn at the start of each players turn providing increased danger for the players. A new deck of "Supply Cards" will add strategy, fun and flavor to this classic tabletop game and “Event Cards” which reference story events from The Walking Dead provide players with challenges with potential rewards and penalties to create even more suspense filled interaction.  The tokens, dice and cards represent essential The Walking Dead items that are used to strategically plan and execute plans of attack and build defense throughout the game. Gamers can expect a fast-paced game of attrition and survival, where this time—the last man standing wins!


Both games are scheduled to release in late September 2013. To pre-order the games, find a comic shop near you at or call 1-888-comicbook. Retailers interested in purchasing the games are encouraged to contact Diamond’s New Accounts Department at or via phone at 800-45-COMIC.

MONOPOLY®: The Walking Dead Survival Edition



Properties: Locations from The Walking Dead comic series.

1. ($400) Alexandria Safe-Zone

2. ($350) The Hilltop colony

1. ($320) The Kingdom

2. ($300) Sanctuary (Savior’s Base)

3. ($300) Downtown Washington D.C.

1. ($280) The Hunters’ Base

2. ($260) Father Gabriel’s Church

3. ($260) National Guard Station

1. ($240) Downtown Woodbury

2. ($220) Woodbury Fight Arena

3. ($220) Woodbury Hospital

1. ($200) Greene Family Farmhouse

2. ($180) Greene Family Barn

3. ($180) Wiltshire Estates

1. ($160) Prison “C” Block

2. ($140) Prison “A” Block

3. ($140) Prison Courtyard

1. ($120) Cynthiana Police Dept.

2. ($100) Harrison Memorial Hospital

3. ($100) Rick’s Neighborhood

1. ($60) Downtown Atlanta

2. ($60) Atlanta Survivor’s Camp

Houses: Renamed Walls

Hotels: Renamed Guard Towers


RR 1: Horse

RR 2: Bike

RR 3: R.V.

RR 4: Truck


Utility 1: Battery

Utility 2: Water


Income Tax (Pay $100): Herd Attack

Luxury Tax (Pay $200): “Protection”

Chance & Community Chest Cards:

Chance: Scavenge

Community Chest: Supply Chest

Money: Currency is supplies (Bills will have numerical denominations and visuals of the following: First Aid Kit, Sack of Seeds, Boxes of Food, Gallons of Fuel, Knives, Firearms and Cartridges.)

Tokens: Items the Players Can Choose to Be

1. Katana

2. Rick’s Hat

3. R.V.

4. Lucille (Bat)

5. Telephone

6. Bucket of Body Parts

RISK®: The Walking Dead Survival Edition

Game Overview


The Walking Dead is a monthly black-and-white Eisner Award-winning comic book written and created by Robert Kirkman chronicling the travels of groups of Survivors of a zombie apocalypse. The undead are a threat at every turn, equipment and food are scarce and the greatest danger of all is the humans that will be encountered along the way. 2 to 5 players ages 13 and up. Players vie to be the dominant group of Survivors in a post-apocalyptic world infested by the undead.


  • The game duration mirrors that of RISK: 2210 in that the game ends and scoring occurs after a period of time and not with one player controls ever territory. This speeds up game play and minimizes the duration an eliminated player is “out of the game.” However, the ability to play classic RISK and the corresponding rules will be provided.


  • Zombies referred to in The Walking Dead as “Walkers,” will populate areas of the map and will continue to randomly spawn at the start of each players turn. Spawning escalates at the start of each round providing increased danger for the players. When Walkers spawn into an occupied territory the combat resolves immediately.


  • A deck of “Event” cards. At the start of each player’s turn, in addition to spawning Walkers, an event card must be drawn and read aloud. These cards reference story events from The Walking Dead canon and provide players with challenges with potential rewards and penalties and create more overall suspenseful interaction.



Dimensions: 30.75 in x 20.75 in.

The game board is a map of 32 territories grouped into 6 zones. Each zone is a different color and contains 4 to 7 territories. The map is re purposed from the “SCHWARZWALD” from the RISK: Factions Facebook game for vetted balance and playability.

This map was chosen for several reasons. The Walking Dead takes place in a

rural region of the Southeastern United States. Because travel is so difficult, there

can be no “sea lanes” or waterways as the region depicted is land-locked. The“SCHWARZWALD” map is a perfect foundation for The Walking Dead.


  • DICE: The game will come with five six-sided dice (three red for Attack and two black for Defense).
  • PLASTIC PIECES: There are two unique sets of pieces in two different colors in the game.


  • TROOPS: Each of the 4 survivor groups has two different pieces representing troops. All troops function the same, the pieces simply represent different amount of troops. Players use their troops to take over and control territories.
  • Survivors: Single human Survivor = 1 troop AND Truck = 3 troops.
  • Walkers: Single Walker = 1 troop AND 3 Walkers on the same plastic base = 3 troops



Ammo Crate Chips (30): Ammo crate chips will show a common graphic of an ammo crate chips on the face up side and the face down side will contain either 1 or 2 bullet graphics (Twenty tokens will have 1 bullet and 10 tokens will have 2 bullets). These chips represent the “stars” in core RISK (that appear on Territory cards) which are earned by conquering at least 1 territory during the attack phase of a turn. We are using chips in order for the territory cards in this game to serve as the Walker spawning deck.

Guard Tower Chips (3): Guard Tower chips can be earned during play and placed into territories providing a defense bonus.

Grenade Chips (4): Grenade chips can be earned during plays and provides a one time attack bonus per grenade.

Outbreak Tracker Chip (1): The outbreak tracker chip follows a chart on the board that indicates for all players what the rate of how many Walkers spawn into how many territories per round.



TERRITORY CARDS (32): There is 1 card for each territory on the board. Each card has the name and picture of a territory. These cards are flipped over at the start of each players turn (quantity determined by current round) and provide the location for Walker spawning.

EVENT CARDS (28): One card is revealed and read aloud at the start of each players turn after the Walker spawn phase. Event cards are plot related directive cards that offer a mix of challenges, rewards and penalties. Shuffled amongst the bottom half of the deck is one “OVERRUN” card. When this card is revealed it signifies that the game will end at the completion of the current round. This ensures that games will end between 4 and 7 rounds for a 4 player game and provides urgency and a sense of the unexpected from round 3 on where players cannot control the ending and must adjust strategies on the fly.

GROUP LEADER CARDS (5): 4 of the group leader cards represent a leadership character from The Walking Dead and provide a unique game play bonus. The bonuses are repurposed from the faction bonuses in RISK: Legacy as they are proven not to create unbalances in game play. The 5th group card allows a player to use the Walkers as a playable faction when playing by the classic RISK rules. The Walker player also receives a game play bonus.

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These are a hoot! If it were closer to April I'd suspect an April Fool's joke.

I love that in Risk that Walkers spontaneously generate with each players' turn. That could be a real problem, if it happens behind your lines!

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