So after many years of gentle and not so gentle prodding I have finally started watching Doctor Who.  In the past I have seen snippets of the new series, and generally walked away muttering “…alright …that was odd…don’t see much point in that.” However my friends BatMatt and Doc kept suggesting I try it (much the same way we kept suggesting Rich try watching Firefly…) and since I share a lot of tastes in
common when it comes to TV shows and comics a few months ago I relented and let Doc know that I had come to terms with fact that someday I would eventually ended up watching some Doctor Who but needed to know where to start.

Fast forward to two weeks ago when my father had me open a Netflix account so we could figure out why Netflix streaming wasn’t working for him (no streaming outside the 50 states and DC…you lose out if you live in a Commonwealth of the US it turns out…bummer).  Since I had started the clock on my 2 week trial I figured I might as well take advantage of it once we were back in Rochester.

So early last week I started out watching Season 1 of the New Doctor Who series, starring Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor. The first 13 episodes are available via Netflix streaming, and I have watched 12.

If you haven’t watched the series yet…you might as well stop reading unless you want to be spoiled as to how I reacted…

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Considering all the different ways that Jamie got killed off in the "not-in-continuity" spinoffs!!!!!!!!! Figser.

And , speaking of Scots,Craig F. does indeed have a late-late series on "The Eye/Tiffany" Network here in the Sates,complete with a gay talking skeleton!

I believe he's an Amer. Citizen now...Don't know if I'll have a TV in if I'll be able to stay up that late for the next few months!!!!!!!

Take It Easy          PPLou

Figserello said:

Slightly less contemporary...



Even less contemporary



Actually, a scowling Scottish Cavalier would be quite a marvelous departure for the Doctor.


FOUR NIGHTS: We’re working our way through series six DVD set and are enjoying several extra scenes and episode prequels and short features we have never seen before.

“Good Night / Bad Night”: These two go a long way toward accounting for so many comics stories depicting the Doctor operating solo instead of travelling with a companion. Apparently he sneaks out of the TARDIS at night! On these two occasions, Amy was awakened from her, which effectively puts the kibosh to RTD’s notion that the Doctor and his companions never slept aboard the TARDIS. Well, then again, maybe his Doctors and companions didn’t.

“First Night / Last Night”: Details River Song’s “first night” at the Stormcage Containment Facility, as well as her “last night” before meeting the (11th) Doctor at The Library. Of course, with Moffet nothing is as straightforward as it seems. I rather enjoyed this two-parter; more than “Good Night/Bad Night” but not quite as much as “Time/Space.”



NOW I want to see The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot.  That trailer is very funny!

UPDATE:  And here it is!

Some GREAT cameos in there!

Doctor Hmmm? said:

NOW I want to see The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot.  That trailer is very funny!

UPDATE:  And here it is!

"Do you think you could possible do this scene by yourself?"
"I suppose so. It might actually be an improvement."

OUCH!  :)

Here is some analysis on the special and what it means for The Doctor:

I posted a video that they put out, how the Dr. regenerated into John Hurt. Sort of a mini-episode.

After recently watching “The Day of the Doctor” and listening to “The Light at the End,” I wondered which Doctor had met the greatest number of his other selves face to face.

The War Doctor, for example, met two.

The Tenth Doctor met three (including the Fifth Doctor in “Timecrash”).

The Eleventh Doctor met three as well (if you include the “Curator”).

The First and Third Doctors also met three each (in “The Five Doctors”).

The Second Doctor has met four (folding in “The Two Doctors”).

The Fourth, Seventh and Eighth have met four apiece (five for the Forth if he is, in fact, the Curator).

The Sixth has met a solid five (“The Two doctors” and “”The Light at the End”).

THE WINNER: The Fifth Doctor has met eight other Doctors face to face.

He met the First, Second and Third in “The Five Doctors”; he met the Fourth, Sixth, Seventh and Eighth in “The Light at the End”; he met the Tenth in “Timecrash.”

The poor old Ninth Doctor hasn’t met any of his other selves (as far as we know).

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