OK, a gap opened up in the Sourcewall, see, and out dropped disks of the old 60's Marvel Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Iron Man and Sub-Mariner cartoon.  It's been close to forty-five since I've seen them last, and I never even knew they was Thor and Sub-Mariner ones when I was a kid. So, anyway, let's see what I see.

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I'm just easily confused.

"To Conquer a Crown" - In which Namor is overthrown by his cousin Byrrah in cahoots with Krang and Attuma, until two of Byrrah's stooges sell him out for more money.  

I have to admit, this Atlantean politics stuff was never my favorite.

As Jeff noted (I didn't know this when I wrote my post bottom p.10) episode 5 is from the robot story in Tales to Astonish #88-#89, and episode 6 from the Byrrah story in #90-#91, both drawn by Bill Everett. The interesting thing is the episodes came out very close to the issues and partly preceded them. According to Wikipedia The Marvel Super Heroes first appeared 1 Sep.-1 Dec. 1966. According to DC Indexes #88-#89 came out Nov.-Dec. 1966 and #90-#91 Jan.-Feb. 1967.

I don't have these comic book stories so I can't say if there was any use of their art in the cartoons. In episode 5 the robot looks a bit different but not completely so. The comic has a sequence where Namor sends electric eels to attack it and a similar resolution. Episode 6 and its comic version diverge a bit in their second halves: in the comic Namor is reportedly left on a volcanic isle with a lava creature.

If there's no use of Everett's art it could be the episodes were separately done from Lee's plots for the issues. But this explanation only works if Lee sent across a sketch of the robot. Both versions have recessed eyes and a box on the chest.

It could be Lee sent across plots for the unmatched episodes: it would've been easy for him to write some. The main part of episode 1, with Namor wandering the city with amnesia running into trouble while something drives him on, strikes me as quite like a Marvel story of the period. One of its oddities is the episode seems to be setting up a supporting cast that right away gets dropped.

"To Walk Amongst MEN!"  In which an earthquake caused by surface-dwellers causes Namor to go to `New York, where he wanders around aimlessly before falling into the Hudson. Meanwhile, the Behemoth has awoken, and is attacking Atlantis. Dorma goes to fetch Namor home, and he defeats the Behemoth by trapping it in the Quagmire of Doom!

Interesting - there's a scientist in this called Doctor Pym, who looks like Hank, but it doesn't say for sure that he is.

Probably is since Hank and Jan appeared in Namor's series a few months after it started. Did the other four heroes ever turn up with Namor? They've dropped him from the Avengers#4 adaptation and tossed X-Men into the FF episode instead of using the Avengers. A Hulk episode adapted Avengers#2 but Namor in the cartoons seems to exist in his own separate universe.

The amnesia is probably taken from the state he was in when Johnny Storm dumped him in the river in Fantastic Four#4. At the time the cartoons were being made they had yet to explain how he lost his memory.

"The World Within!"  - In which the evil scientist, Zantor unleashes a deadly plague which turns the Atlanteans to stone.  Namor must go to the sub-atomic world to obtain Atom X to cure them. Then he banishes Zantor to the Forbidden Deeps!  If there was such a tihng as the Forbidden Deeps, I'm sure I would've been banished there by now.

"Beware the Siren Song" - Lorelei decides to marry Namor, when he blows her off, she sends the Mud-Beast to kidnap Dorma and switches bodies with her.  Namor  and Vashti figure it out, but Dorma threatens to enchant all of Atlantis unless Namor marries her.  Meanwhile, Dorma takes advantage of the fact that the Mud-Beast thinks she's Lorelei to send it after Lorelei. Anyway, it all works out in the end.

I liked this, because we finally see Dorma show a little brain power and initiative.

She freed Namor in episode 2, fetched the alien in 5 and saved the day in 6.

Luke Blanchard said:

She freed Namor in episode 2, fetched the alien in 5 and saved the day in 6.

See, this is why I'm not a detective.

Dorma goes back to the Golden Age. She wasn't his love-interest there but a minor character, Namor's cousin. Fantastic Four Annual #1 was the Silver Age issue where Namor was reunited with the Atlanteans. In that one Dorma loves Namor, he still loves Sue, and she tries to kill Sue out of jealousy. In Fantastic Four #33, the first Attuma story, she fetches the FF to save Atlantis from Attuma after betraying it to him out of resentment towards Namor. So the quest story, adapted by episodes 2-3, was her transition into the role of Namor's girlfriend.

"Ship of Doom" - In which evil Captain Townsend decides there's something called gold condinium under Atlantis and gasses the place to get at it.  Namor must seek out Doctor Debrek to find a cure, after which he beats Townsend fairly easily.

Not a bad episode. Townsend does fairly well as a badby, considering he's just a guy.

"The Planet of Doom"  - lots of doom these days. In this one, aliens kidnap Namor because they want to steal Earth's water, but if he can pass their tests, they won't.  Of course, Namor passes, and helps the aliens find a new water supply.

Wow, I had no idea Namor ever got up to stuff like this.

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