Criminal Minds: "Amplification"

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Ghost Town
In order of which gets the most viewing time: Red Wings-Blackhawks, Nuggets-Lakers, and Red Sox-Twins.
Mental: "Pilot"
Dead Like Me: "Send in the Clown"
Extras on the Middleman DVDs.
We just watched last week's episode of Modern Family. It's the episode called "Coal Digger," and you can watch it online (for now, at least) at It has a line in it, about midway through the episode, that had me laughing so hard I literally* almost threw up.

For my money, this is the best new show of the season.

*I mean literally literally.
Just finished watching Firefly: "Serenity." An episode of season one of Damages is paused on another DVD player but I'm watching Scrubs: "My Musical" on the TiVo.
Doctor Who: "The Mind Robber"
Alex & I are watching Superman/Batman: Public Enemies. It's really good, thus far.
The Many Faces of Zorro, a 1999 documentary about the history of the character, its influences & imitators, and some real California history.
Al Franken questioning witnesses at the HELP Committee hearing on federal investment in for-profit education (via webcast).

I know this is old, old news, but I still can't quite take Al Franken playing "Important Politician Guy" seriously.

And listening to him rail against corporate salaries that are likely less than the craft services bill for "Stuart Saves His Family" -- on the grounds that those guys aren't really worth that kind of money -- is slightly surreal.

Working my way through season sets of '60's TV shows.  I polished off The Time Tunnel, then Season 1 of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, and now I'm about to finish Season 1 of Mission: Impossible.  I'm not sure what's up next -- probably the first season of either Lost in Space or The Wild, Wild West.  or maybe just some more M:I.  (Goodbye Mr. Briggs, hello Mr. Phelps.)

I've mentioned elsewhere how much fun it is to see great character actors of daze days gone by pop up, often repeatedly, on those shows.  In the last month alone, I've seen Carrol O'Connor playing four roles on three different shows -- and none of them with an American accent!  Don't even get me started on Malachi Throne, David Opatashu or Simon Oakland.

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The Justice League comes to an end in 'Justice League' #75

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