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IIRC, there were a few tigers chasing Sambo. The restaurant by that name, which was named after the owner whose name was Sam and whose nickname was Sambo, had artwork showing an Indian boy being chased by two or three tigers, which turned into butter. (ew!)

I'm pretty sure that 100% of the time I've heard the phrase "little black Sambo" in the past 45 years it has been while listening to the Broadway cast album of "Hair."

Richard Willis said:

...two or three tigers, which turned into butter. (ew!)

According to Wikipedia... [The tigers] chase each other around a tree until they are reduced to a pool of ghee (clarified butter). Sambo then recovers his clothes and collects the ghee, which his mother uses to make pancakes."

Talk about an "ew!" moment!

The tigers took Sambo's colorful clothing and accessories and argued about which looked sharper and chased each other around the tree until they turned into butter.

At work I've knocked out the first two trade of Y: The Last Man. I actually read the first one a few months back at my LCS, but it was nice to refresh my memory. Only 3 of them left which is a nice surprise.

I know I have said this before, but I am so jealous of people who can read comics while they are at work!

Travis Herrick (Modular Mod) said:

At work I've knocked out the first two trade of Y: The Last Man. I actually read the first one a few months back at my LCS, but it was nice to refresh my memory. Only 3 of them left which is a nice surprise.

Action Comics #28

2017 was the Year of the Bat -- Detective Comics #27 on January 1, and Batman every day thereafter, in chronological order, covering whatever I have.  I managed to keep that up every day into mid-November (at which point family stuff, work stuff, and my lack of enthusiasm for mid '60's Batman caused me to start missing days).

2018 is the Year of the Big Blue Boy Scout -- Action Comics #1 on January 1, etc., etc.

ACTION COMICS #996: I started reading the Superman titles at the beginning of the Nu52, then I dropped them. I started again when the Clark & Lois of the pre-Flashpooint DCU switched over following Convergence. Then I stopped again. I started once more for the lead-in to Action Comics #1000. “My” universes Clark and Lois replaced this universes Clark and Lois, but they must have led pretty similar lives. In #996, Lois is in some other country and meets up with a former contact there. It must have been the “other” Lois’s contact, but “my” Lois knows him pretty well. She also reminisces about being pregnant the last time she was there, so “my” Lois must have had a similar adventure.

AVENGERS #677: As I mentioned last week, the Avengers is way different from the title I am familiar with. (The character I “thought” was Jason Blood ended up being Roberto de Costa.) I realize time has passed and things have changed, but I find myself thinking of this as a team of Avengers from an alternate universe. The inclusion of Voyager makes that really easy to do.

DOOMSDAY CLOCK #3: Yesterday (in another discussion), Captain Comics questioned the point of the series. I don’t, myself. Series I question are those such as the ones featuring Will Eisner’s Spirit reinterpreted by modern creators. Personally, I have “no business” reading those series because I haven‘t read all of Eisner’s Spirit myself yet. [For the record, I do plan to read the upcoming new Dick Tracy comic book, but I have read all of Gould’s Tracy, several times.] In this case, I’ve read “all” of Alan Moore’s Watchmen (and the non-Moore “After Watchmen” stuff, too), and there ain’t no more of that coming. Also, it’s a chance to see characters from two different universes interacting, like the Avengers/JLA series from several years ago. That is point enough for me.

MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE #2: I see a lot of John Romita, Jr. in Jim Cheung’s art. This reads very much like an actually FF arc in which Reed and Sue are missing and presumed dead. I read [the most recent] last issue of the Fantastic Four, though, and I don’t remember Reed and Sue dying. (The way I remember it, the team simply disbanded but were available to guest-star elsewhere throughout to MU.) When did that happen?

PHOENIX RESURRECTED #4: I don’t have much to say about this one. The writer misuses the phrase “begging the question” (a linguistic pet peeve of mine), but who doesn’t, really?

POGO: Pogo’s features change (and soften) from issue to issue. (He started out looking like a wet rat.) Eclipse Comics published three or four softcover editions (of a projected 23-volume series) back in the day, and I have now moved beyond the point at which Eclipse left off.

Jeff of Earth-J said:

(The character I “thought” was Jason Blood ended up being Roberto de Costa.) 

Bobby's been the head of the US Avengers for a while now.

Shows how much I've been keeping up with Avengers titles.

I just read the second part of the two-part "The Chosen One" story in Suicide Squad 33 & 34. Dark, funny stuff -- Si Spurrier and Fernando Pasarin's story feels entirely different from the Ostrander Suicide Squad issues I love. Instead, it's more modeled on a Judge Dredd serial -- that same sort of sci-fi satire amped up to 11.  The two issues focus on Juan Soria, a low-grade metahuman who gets picked to be on the Squad with the heavy-hitters (and a bunch of other seemingly expendable no-names). Thing is, he realizes what happens to redshirts on Squad missions, so he works hard to ingratiate himself with the main crew. 

Things do no go well for Juan. But as a comic, it's a tight little story, done in two, and you don't need to pick up anything else to enjoy it. Just keep in mind -- this is 2000 AD-style take-no-prisoners humor.  

Sadly, the Archie Dick Tracy series was cancelled due an issue over rights.

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