You know the drill.

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#4 and 5 made me guffaw out loud.

I like #2. Or, as Samuel L. Jackson says, "Money may not buy happiness, but it can get a damn good substitute."

Heh. Those are pretty good.

This didn’t make me smile today, but a couple of weeks ago I had just finished reading the Roger Stern Spider-Man Omnibus on a Saturday. The next day I unwrapped the Sunday edition of the newspaper, and the front page was half-covered by one of those advertisements mimicking the front page. This one was a Sony ad and featured Spider-Man in a large color photo. For a moment, I thought a copy of The Daily Bugle had been delivered instead of the Dallas Morning News.

I just got an email from Action Lad's school, announcing the newly-elected PTO officers.

Our new Treasurer rejoices in the name Mrs. Swindall.


(OK, that's a half-truth.  Her full name is Mrs. Swindall-Terwilliger.  In it's own way, that's just as funny.)

Massachusetts has electronic sign boards on some highways. Ususally it states how long it take to drive certain highways and other trafffic info.

This weekend they said "Use yah blinka".

The Kennedy's would be proud!

It was so great to see a friend of mine so happy that she got her American citizenship today.

Stephan Pastis (obliquely) confirms what a lot of people have been speculating about this week.

Bully's "headline" here.

I got a Batmoblie for a birthday present!!!!!

The kind you keep in your pocket, or the kind you keep in your garage?

The scale for 6" action figures

Although I still would love one for the garage!!!!

Cool -- I have about a half-dozen Batmobiles, but all on Matchbox scale or slightly larger.  Nothing on the scale you describe, which I'd love to have.

Are we talking Batman '66 Batmobile, or something more recent?

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