Warner Bros has released the first image of Adrianne Palicki in her WW costume for the TV show:


I actually think she looks pretty good, except for two things:

1. Her boots should be red, to offset her pants, not the same color.

2. Stars.

The comments are definitely running negative, and I'm not sure how those pants will really look in action, but I understand why they don't want her in a bathing suit.

It's by David Kelley, which means it has a lot of potential for being fun or being awful. I doubt it will be somewhere in between.

I've got my fingers crossed that it will be watchable. A lot of that will depend on the supporting cast and villains. The last thing DC (or I) want is a WW that disappears quickly.

-- MSA



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When I started reading Superboy, the Legion had taken over the title but the Kents appeared in #204 and #207 and I was really confused by the difference in their appearance there and in the reprinted stories. Plus when they did show the Kents' deaths, they were old again.

Even though Weisinger edited that de-aging story, I've always considered it a Mopee story, and all the stories that came after it as similarly non-canonical. Of course, shortly after Superboy # 145 appeared, Weisinger did leave the title, and Murray Boltinoff effectively transfered the Superboy title over to Earth-B. Luckily, within a couple years the best thing that could have happened in fact did happen -- the Legion took over the title completely, making the Smallville setting irrelevant.


At some point, I think when NEW ADVENTURES OF SUPERBOY came along (or maybe it happened earlier), the Kents started aging again. They didn't look like they were old enough to be Clark's grandparents, as they did in the Silver Age, but they didn't look young enough to be his older cousins, either. They pretty much looked about as old as parents of a teenager should look (which means they look as old as I do now, gulp!).


There's a new pic of Wonder Woman going round, with some revisions to her costume. Looks good to me!


Wait a minute -- they changed the boots to red!  
Yep.. and ditched the heels as well. And darkened the pants, if it's not a trick of the light.

Yep, that's a definite improvement. The pants are darker, the boots are red, and the stars aren't garish. They must be reading this thread!

-- MSA


On the other hand, Ma and Pa Kent are Clark's adopted parents, so who's to say they had to be elderly?

I would expect they would be older, though--they tried to have kids and it never worked out, etc., and they see this as a final opportunity. If they were younger, I wouldn't expect they would jump at the chance to adopt a kid from a spaceship so fast.

But who knows? Maybe Pa had the mumps as an adult, etc. I'd actually probably rather not think about it more than I already have. Ma and Pa did seem more grandparent-ish than parent-ish, but I don't know that it's something you suddenly change after so many years.

-- MSA

She does look like she's wearing an entire tiara. The pants don't seem as tight but the top still appears to be a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen.

Not to harp on it, but she looks like she's in high school!

And the Kents didn't have to be elderly but that's how they were portrayed in the Silver Age. But I agree with the changes in New Adventures of Superboy! And how could you not notice Annette O'Toole's charms?

Pete: "Clark, your Mom's hot!"

Clark: "Shut up, Pete!"

Pete: "Remember when I asked her to the prom?"

Clark: "SHUT UP, Pete!"


Here's another action shot


And a link to an article with the picture Mr. Silver Age posted above and another picture with what looks like a stunt double.


The costume looks a bit better but I'm not sold on it, yet. It may be the actresses facial expression. I guess it's supposed to be frustrated at someone she's chasing. But it looks like she got a whiff of something she just stepped in.

I've been trying to pinpoint just why I have some doubts about this new Wonder Woman. Now I realize that every picture that I've seen, there has been no trace of confidence, of being comfortable in the role. Yes she is wearing a costume that can look silly and has a certain appeal to some fetishes, yet Lynda Carter looked natural while wearing less. She was not inhibited nor self-conscious. Then again she knew how good she looked, and man, she looked good! This young lady appears to dread going out in public dressed like that. Again she is attractive but she seems a little embarassed, though from what I heard, it should be because of the script, not the outfit. Which admittedly loses something when translated into actual cloth and material.

The more suuccessful actors appeared to accept and thrive in their costumes: Christopher Reeve, Michael Keaton, Hugh Jackman, Tobey MacGuire, Ben Affleck and Christian Bale. We have to see if the new Superman and Spider-Man project the same charisma.

...Incidentally , as for the Kents , the originally done (though not first-published , etc.) first comic-book origin of Superman that was published in SUPERMAN #1 shows a Kents who , though old , don't really look like " Rockwell/Grant Wood-ian idealized Jeffersonian salt-of-the-Earth farmers " to me , as the High Silver Age versions , and the later Bronzers , of course DO...........

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