Kinda surprised there wasn't a thread for this--at least not one that I could find-.


So, just watched this, and surprisingly, I liked it.


Certainly it wasn't without fault, but as a reboot of the franchise, I didn't find the plot holes I've seen in many superhero films, nor the out of character decisions.  I thought it worked reasonably well.


* Kevin, that's good villainny.


* I liked the bull session among the newly recruited mutants, and I'm expecting Darwin to pop up again sometime fully whole.


* I was sad that Raven and Hank never really hooked up. 


* I liked recasting Angel as a woman--a dangerous woman.


* Really, the thing that worked best in the movie was that everyone's decisions made sense given the characterizations within the movie.  I bought Angel going to the dark side.  I bought Erik killing Shaw--I mean, c'mon, how couldn't you?  I bought Emma as someone who played the middle for her best outcome, I bought the humans, heck I even bought into Shaw's megalomania.


Okay, feeling stupid here, but who was the mutant creating tornadoes?

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I had to look that up, too. It's Riptide of the Marauders. 


The woman Angel in the movie is an established Marvel character, not a Hollywood re-casting. Angel Salvadore


It's disappointing that Oliver Platt's character wasn't given an actual name. It should have, of course, been Fred Duncan.

It was a fantastic film.

Having seen it yesterday, I agree entirely - just makes you wonder what X-Men: Last Stand would have been liek if Vaughn had not walked away.


The bit that got the biggest reaction in the cinema was the 30 second cameo - you know the one I mean.

The 30 second cameo Mike's talking about was great. I didn't even know it was going to be in the film. The audience loved it.


The film it was was great. I enjoyed all the performances. My only complaint was that it had a lot of set up of getting the characters where they needed to be. But that wasn't that bad.


I've got to run but I'll have a bit more later.


If you haven't seen it yet, check it out.

Yeah, I found out it was Riptide shortly after I posted this.  I didn't make the association because I thought his powers worked differently.

I am working on a review of it, but I really, really liked this movie. 


I noticed that when Magneto presented Shaw, he was held him up in cruciform.  I thought it that was interesting presentation of this death. 

I noticed that too. That was very interesting.


I liked the movie, a lot. While this took place in the 60s it had the same emotional feel as the first two films.


One thing that this film and the other X-films do well is showcasing the mutants power. Each character gets a spolight and we see them display the powers in a different way. Each time it's pretty cool.


One other thing that I think these films do is they showcase strong female characters. Not many damsels in distress here.
Mike Parnell said:

I noticed that when Magneto presented Shaw, he was held him up in cruciform.  I thought it that was interesting presentation of this death. 

...Haah , I'm writing this before reading beyond th' first para , I , too , was gonna start one , I still will start a non-spoiler one , I saw it last nite & liked it loads...

...A review I read in advance made me anticipate the Wolvie cameo .

  Though Stan Lee was still a credited producer , perhaps ( As I said elsewhere . ) it not being a Marvel Studios full-D production made him stay away - and I saw no creators' credit for Stan and Jack , though the New York Times' (!!) review gave them one in the info box of their review .

Emerkeith Davyjack said:

  It does seem odd that , well , the hubbub over DC's revamping understandably commanded loads of attention here , but Thor pretty quickly got and still continues to get luv from the peeps here...First , is Marvel kind of downplaying attention to X-MEN: FIRST CLASS the movie because it wasn't made under Marvel Studios' aspices but ( I suppose ) under the same contract Fox signed to make the earlier X-flix ?

  I remember that Marvel regained the Fantastic Four rights from Fox ( Was the 2nd movie a particular BO disappointment for their not to be the " usual " third ??? ) but I think?? , as a variant on DC's rushing another Superman movie into production to get one out before the iegel lawsuit really begins to take effect , Fox has to produce an X-filck every few-dot years to keep the rights and this was three years after the Wolverine one ? 

  Also , was there some , perhaps , lack of prestiege from the film being based on , at least in the title , what I understand to be a " non-Marvel Universe/616 " title , sort of an Adventures title if not officially deemed that ???

  I've never opened a copy , but isn't XMFC the comic-book an " other " version of the Xes where the most popular latter-day mutants , like Wolverine and either Jubilee or Rogue or both of them , are in the line-up ?????

I moved this post here because I saw no need for a second thread.

...Okay , I liked it a lot when I saw it Monday !

  I felt it really recaptured the spirit , if not the specifics ( If of course some changes , and updates to a modern snsibility . ) of Satn & Jack's original issues , which I read many/most of from their Seventies reprints .

( Maybe the Roy/Werner period too ??????? )

I was surprised by how much it reminded me of a vintage James Bond movie, with the '60s setting and Cold War doomsday plot. Kevin Bacon was a pretty good Bond villain (albeit with super powers). Even the end credits were done in the Connery-era Bond style.


Also surprised by the body count , the sheer number of sadistically violent deaths. Not a movie for children.


Of course, some of the details were anachronistic for '62. The long hair, sideburns and miniskirts didn't become fashionable until a few years later. But I suppose these things say "60s" to people who may not know much about the decade -- in the same way that malt shops, jukeboxes and tail-finned cars are used to let audiences know a movie is set in the '50s.

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