"Yellow Submarine" to get a 50th anniversary theatricial rerelease

From the Los Angeles Times"The Beatles' 'Yellow Submarine' Film Will Get 50th Anniversary The...

The Los Angeles Times wrote:

The Beatles' innovative 1968 animated film "Yellow Submarine" will return to theaters this summer in a new 4K restoration created to mark the movie's 50th anniversary.

The theatrical run begins July 8, with details on specific cities and theaters to be announced on the film's official website.

The original was restored by hand, frame by frame rather than using automated software.

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As a Beatles aficionado, I'm looking forward to that!  Although I was born in 1962, i didn't really become aware of the Beatles until I saw Yellow Submarine on tv in 1972, and just the first two songs, the title track and Eleanor Rigby, made my 10 year old self an instant fan.  I know I'd heard their music on the radio before, but my parents mostly listened to country or easy listening music and we spent the years from 1967 through early 1970 in Japan and they just hadn't filtered into my consciousness until I saw that movie.  I did get the DVD a few years ago and I think the film still holds up very well, much better than the film Sgt. Pepper, which I saw when it was new in the theaters in 1978 and it just fell flat for me.  But I was never that much into either Peter Frampton or the Bee Gees -- the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper was the first lp I ever purchased with my own money, in early 1977, but Frampton Comes Alive and Saturday Night Fever never made their way into my album collection.

I've already seen Yellow Submarine on the big screen (it was re-released to theaters back in the late '80s/early '90s IIRC), but of course I'll see it again. I have already pre-ordered the graphic novel adaptation.

I saw Yellow Submarine at a neighborhood theater sometime in 1969 on a double bill with Help! - having just gotten into The Beatles that was a real treat. I recently watched it on DVD and it has held up rather well. The animators did a great job of capturing the look and feel of late sixties Pop Art. I especially liked the scenes that adapted photographs for backgrounds and other elements. They missed the boat by not doing a Fantasia type film in the same style - employing either Sixties pop or early Seventies prog rock.

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