Should we bring the Morrison discussion over here now? I don't know how...

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Figserello said:
Maybe from a mind-blowing fifth dimensional point of view, its possible that our universe is kept both on Pluto in the DCU and in the North Pole in A*S, in which case both might be the same thing...

Far out...

Yeah, I like to think they're the same thing, evidently. Surely it can exist in more than one universe, considering it's a universe itself.

I did buy the JLA Deluxe Edition 3 yesterday, and noticed the whole Qwewq universe was there too--probably the first time it had been metioned?
Conceptually they are the same, and considering they are all ultimately just concepts, then they are the same thing.

When I write my thoughts on these comics I always include a lot of questions, as I'm still puzzling things out. I could see Morrison was getting at something big with Qwewq, but found it hard to see what. Regarding the idea of Qwewq being our universe inside Batman and Superman's universe, one of the Barbelith heads gave a good explanation of what Morrison might be getting at. While discussing SSoV's Mister Miracle, he explained that the DCU is an idealised, purer version of our universe. For instance, no-one on our Earth is as 'perfect' as Superman and Batman are. Thus, our world is a 'subset' of their world. (It can contain ours, but ours can't contain theirs, sadly!) In the Mister Miracle mini-series, we see that there is an even purer, more primal world on a higher plane than the DCU - the world of the New Gods. Just as the JLA were able to enter Qwewq and were dismayed at how mundane it all was, so also do the New Gods enter the DCU. Sometimes in person, as Metron appeared to Anthro in Final Crisis, and sometimes they fall into the DCU to possess people like Shilo Norman, who has to wake up to his Godlike powers of liberation and escape.

All this is very similar to the cosmology in The Invisibles, where the satellite Barbelith tries to remind the characters that they have origins on a higher plane, and are stuck in their Earthly forms only through their ignorance.

The giant proto-heroes that appeared way back in the JLA arc Rock of Ages seemed to be from an even higher plane again, so Morrison has been thinking along these lines for a long time...

Okay, so I'm the first to admit when I realize that I'm totally discovering Jack Kirby backwards--via Grant Morrison. I absolutely adore Kirby's creations, and I appreciate his work more and more by the day. I now have the OMAC Omnibus, and next I think I'm going to get the Kamandi book, then the Fourth World books.


Question: Has anyone else done this? "Discovered" a creator backwards through time like that? I like to think that this is Morrison's "bullet shot backwards through time" at work here, as seen in Final Crisis, playing out on me as a comics fan.


By the way, any Kirby fan HAS to read OMAC by Giffen (okay, and Didio...I'll say it...).

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