To aid our pal, Figserello, in his quest to reread and discuss all things Grant Morrison, I’m here to kick things off with talk of his run of Batman & Robin.


This series launched in 2009 on the heels of Final Crisis, Batman: RIP, and Battle for the Cowl. I remember some speculation with the initial announcement of who would be Batman & Robin.


In the end it was Bruce Wayne’s first “son”, Dick Greyson, and his biological son, Damian. Dick and Damian remained the dynamic duo through the end of the series even after Bruce’s return and Grant’s departure from the series after 16 issues. A new Batman & Robin series launched in 2011 with Bruce as Batman and Damian holding strong as Robin.


I remember vividly reading this first issue and loving it. The dynamic between the two leads was clearly established and surprisingly they worked well together. Dick was the more carefree of the two while Damian was about as serious as you can get. The art by Frank Quietly was stunning in the first issue, with an almost cinematic feeling. The story was quirky at the right times but for the most part was pretty straightforward.


There was some great back and forth discussion upon initial release but I can’t seem to find it, sadly. This was during the testing phase of the new board. So part of the conversation was on the new board and part on the old board. However, I did find some conversations that can be used for reference! Issues 7, 8, 9, and 10.


After Morrison left the series lost something. It wasn’t bad, though and went for 10 more issues before the relaunch of the DC universe.


This thread is to get things started. I have all the issues but they are at my parents house to it may be a while before I can get to it. No need to wait for me. Discuss!

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