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The Captain Comics Round Table is meant primarily to be a forum for comics fans to discuss and debate. As such, differing opinions are welcome.  But some behavior ruins it for everyone, so that behavior must be controlled and/or banned, and we have a crack Moderating team that does just that.

What is that behavior? In general, if you act here like you do in public IRL, you’re probably within the acceptable bounds of conduct, and if you act like a tool, you’re probably not. Here are the specifics:

1) No personal attacks, either on pros on peers. It’s OK to say “I think John Artist’s work is awful,” but not OK to say “I think John Artist is awful.” It’s OK to say, “I disagree with your position,” but not OK to say, “You’re an idiot.”

2) Any member that breaks the "No Personal Attacks" rule will be issued a warning, via the Board's e-mail if possible, and the offending post will be deleted. The warning will explain how the member violated the Board's rules, and will state that a repeat offense will not be tolerated. Any repeat offender will be reprimanded publicly, in the thread in which they make a post, and issued a final warning, stating that any further violations of the Board's rules will result in being suspended from the Board. Any member with a final warning that breaks the rules again will be subject to a vote from the active Moderators.  A majority of the Moderating team will need to vote in favor of banning in order for an ejection to take place.

3) Anyone can form a Group. They can be made public or private. Be aware that a private Group can still be read by Moderators.

4) Anyone can post to any forum. Anyone can add photos, videos or events.

5) When you do so, please consider that there may be minors present. We are rated a SFW site, so content must stay within those parameters. The rule of thumb is that if your proposed content could be published at your local newspaper without alteration, then it's OK for the Round Table.

(ADDED NOV 13 2014)

6) NO TROLLING: Deliberately engaging in behavior for the purposes of harassing, upsetting, or angering others will not be tolerated.  This includes repetitive posts that have little to do with the topic under discussion, or posts that discourage discussion.

7) GIVE IT SOME THOUGHT: When you introduce a new topic to the board, you’re setting the tone of the thread. It’s a great power, so treat it with responsibility. Don’t just post an link or tell us some news and say, “Whaddya think?” What do you think?  Introduce the topic, and provide a springboard for further conversation. People are more likely to pick up the ball and run with it if it’s already in motion. 

8) The Moderating team reserves the right to delete any post at any time, with or without explanation, that it deems injurious to the board.

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  • Additions were made to the "Rules of the Round Table" today.  All members of the board, please feel free to PM me with any questions or concerns.

  • I love, and second, the changes, John. Thank you.

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