So I'm a big fan of DC's Arak, and have (I think) all of his limited appearances. Then I learn of a minicomic that came with the Warlord action figures produced in the 1980s, which features the Warlord (of course) and, yes, Arak. Okay, cool, I'll track one down, it'll probably cost me five dollars or so. Or maybe I'll have to find one of the sealed figures and buy it on eBay for 30 bucks. Not the end of the world. Nope, according to the info I've found, every figure with the comic was supposedly recalled and the comics destroyed for reasons unknown. Those involved claim it never even existed. A guy online is bragging about how it took him nine years, checking every day, to find one on eBay. Rumor has it that only three are confirmed to exist. I just want me this silly, also-ran Arak appearance. Why, Comics Gods, why?

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I wonder if it had anything to do with royalties to Roy Thomas?

I remember the ads for those figures that ran in the comics back in the day. 

An image search shows pictures of some of the figures still in the packaging but hard to tell if the comic is included. Altjough the title of the comic "Battle beneath the earth." is shown on the packaging.

Mike's Amazing World has a story synopsis and other info which leads one to believe it must exist. Although there is no citation as to where the info came from.

How completist are you? There was an Arak two-page spread in the first DC Sampler.

Oh I know it exists - there are pictures online from Mr. Nine Years of the sealed figure he bought with the comic clearly visible inside (he doesn't plan on opening it), and at least one other scanned image of the cover floating around that appears legit. I also seem to remember seeing it when the figures first came out, although that may be a false memory as I generally avoided figures that size as a kid (they weren't to scale with my other toys).

I didn't know about that 2-page spread in the DC Sampler. Original material?

Mr. Satanism said:

I didn't know about that 2-page spread in the DC Sampler. Original material?

Some of the sampler pages were original and some used art from the comics, so it might be either. It can be see here.

I assumed it was original, but it mightn't be. There's no Valda, and the Captain Carrot strip on the right is a collage from the cover of that title's last issue.

I have a stack of those samplers that I picked up at the San Diego con that year. (Actually, it was my brother who defied proper geek etiquette and just grabbed them all off of the DC table when everyone was otherwise occupied.)

I clicked on that link and checked out the sampler page. It's been too long since I last read the series to know if it's original art, but it was cool to see. Thanks, Luke!

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