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Ok, so, because I'm up at a ridiculous hour; so I can get to work, at a ridiculous hour, I frequently hear Coast to Coast AM on my way to the office. Coast to Coast has been promoting "Marveleous Entertainment" comics, written by Marvin Sunderland.…
Oct 3
JohnD replied to Captain Comics's discussion Batman shows without Batman in them
"It's been a long while, but I seem to remenber Batman being teased as living in "Birds of Prey". One moment that made me think was a scene where Alfred was having a phone conversation with some unknown person regarding events in Gotham. If I…"
Jul 21
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"I got roped into buying evrything as the frequency of mega event story lines increased.  DC lead the way, followed by Marvel. Eventually both both companies were doing this simultaneusly, than, back to back. And, that was it for me. When "Blackest…"
Jul 18
JohnD replied to Captain Comics's discussion The Incredible Shrinking Comics Publisher!
"Sad indeed. I would have thought four seasons of " "Riverdale" would have generated enough interest in the charactors to inspire more content, especially for a company that survived on subscriptions for years. "
Jul 18