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Y'all are into George R.R. Martin's stuff, right? If so, then good news: http://robot6.comicbookresources.com/2010/03/off-topic-hbo-greenlig...

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The last episode was reminiscent of "The Best of Both Worlds" from Star Trek: TNG.  It was  a movie quality story told in the format of TV.

And Tyrion is THE MAN.

Season 3 trailers.

Nice to see we're getting a lot of Stannis this season -- I'd watch an entire series about him correcting everyone's grammar and then threatening to destroy them.

Denaris is such the series at times. She wants a thrown back that she never had in the name of a father who was so bad a king and so mad that everyone else threw him out. It's all about her and her ambition and ego.
All that being said there is no way she can be worse than Geofrey.

Anyone up for a prequel television series based on the "Dunk & Egg" novellas?




Hey George, how about finishing the main novels before writing anymore prequels or tv adaptations.  I'd really hate to see A Song of Ice and Fire turn out like Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time.

I haven't seen a frame of Game of Thrones yet (read all the books, though), but I did get a chance to see Emilia Carke (Danerys) as Holly Golightly in the new Broadway adaptation of Breakfast at Tiffany's. I liked it well enough -- didn't love it -- but critics haven't been kind.





I've been anticipating the Red Wedding all season long, and despite the fact that I knew it would be taking place in this very episode, it still managed to shock me when it finally happened.


I am however curious about some of the adaptation choices.  Why was Talisa (aka, Jeyne Westerling) there?  And why did they kill her off?  She wasn't present in the books, and Martin seems to have future plans for her, so it doesn't make much sense to get rid of her.  Frankly, I can't even fathom why Rob brought her there.  He breaks off his engagement to his host's daughter in order to marry this woman, and it doesn't occur to him that the Freys might see her presence as a slap in the face?


And speaking of characters who shouldn't have been at the event, did anyone see what happened to the Blackfish?  He's a favorite character of mine, and I may not forgive them if they've unnecessarily killed him.





Figured I'd bump this thread up in anticipation of tonight's season premiere.

And for anyone who hasn't seem them, here are all for season 4 trailers that HBO has released:

I wasn't sure that I was going to keep watching it after the wedding, but I'm curious.

After watching the episode I think in Aria we're seeing the birth of a Red Sonja mixed with Catwoman character.

Peter Dinklage really nailed the courtroom scene last in the last episode.

I watched the first episode Sunday night and the first ten minutes of the second episode just now, and I bumped this discussion up to the top in case I want to post something about it later.

One of the few shows/movies that I actually like better than the books.

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