I have long felt that any good online discussion of a comic book series requires at least two active participants... not just two people posting, but two actually reading along... one to provide "play-by-play" and the other "color commentary." Tracy and I have considered leading a "husband and wife" discussion for some time, but we never could get the timing right. I first alluded to it in 2008 (I remember specifically), but I didn't announce the series. At the time it would have been Terry Moore's Strangers in Paradise, but that topic has now expanded to all the titles in the SIP-verse. With 3 issues in volume one, 13 in two and 90 in three (volume three comprising eight parts itself), Strangers in Paradise would be ambitious enough, but we also hope to cover...

Echo - 30 issues

Rachel Rising - 42 issues

Motor Girl - 10 issues

Strangers in Paradise XXV - 10 issues

Five Years - 10 issues

Ever - 1 issue

Serial - 10 issues

We are approaching this with no set structure or timeframe involved. An issue at a time? A volume/series at a time? An issue a day? A volume/series/part a week? We don't know. All we know right now is that we plan to start with SIP v1 (the original three-issue limited series) sometime this weekend. the more people who participate the better the discussion is, so we invite as many of you to participate as possible, whether you read along with us or not. 

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Jeff of Earth-J said:

Oh, and you didn't like it? If you don't like v2 you probably won't like v3, either. 

I do want to clarify, that I didn't hate, its just I didn't like it enough to expend more time to read it.

I'm going to post my thoughts as I read through SIP VOLUME TWO. I will break them up if anyone has any specific comments about plot or characters. 

Francine's loneliness and emotional problems set the stage for this volume, overshadowing Katchoo's needs. 

I feel like this has been true for the bulk of their relationship up to this point.

Sometimes it is better to pocket your own problems and support the other person/people in your life. You may learn a valuable lesson in the process.

Katchoo's secrets are bubbling up to the surface. There are cracks in the ice and David seems safe to confide in because she doesn't fear losing his friendship. 

David at this point is likeable. One might almost feel sorry for him. Since he I know his secret, I can see all the opportunities he passed on to confide in Katchoo. 

We are learning that Darcy Parker is cold and powerful. With Tambi, we see she is also cold-blooded. 

As Jeff said, Moore gets lighthearted with Francine's mom. But I see it as nothing more than another overbearing, critical person at the core of Francine's life. 

With Digman in the hospital, Moore uses long panels of dialog and text pages to move the story forward.

It's a nice change from the screaming and violence. 

Moore gives us depth of character for Det. Walsh. He's more than a cop face in a few panels. He's a good cop, loyal and smart. He is our window, showing the wider picture. 

Darcy is getting her hands dirty but it is not with her enemies but her own people. This is not the way to foster loyalty. We have already seen hints of mutiny. 

The story is all coming together like multiple freight trains on one track in the pitch, black night. 

Greed. Betrayal. Love. 

Freddie is a colossal degenerate, completely lacking any redeemable qualities. He's obsessed with Francine and totally clueless that she has the ultimate say in whether he's in her life or not. 

It's NOT, Freddie. You're unbelievably gross. Go away. 

Francine should really be seeing someone for her emotional upheavals. Like most twenty-six year olds, she lacks the money or self-awareness to seek help. Maybe she thinks this is the price of life and maturity. Life doesn't have to be a constant struggle. 

Finally, we join David and Katchoo chasing Francine to Hawaii. Francine is chasing something. We hope she's she's chasing an epiphany (and not Freddie). 

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